Why is the driver's name on this report?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownmonster, May 12, 2010.

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    If I have a missing package in my load, call it in as missing, and no one else delivers it or scans it as a misload, it shows up on a report under my name as missed scan, no delivery. I had nothing to do with this package, yet it shows up under my name. Seems like a preload issue to me. Fix the misload problem, don't blame the driver.
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    Management tried implementing a "Center Ranking" program that showed all the driver stats for the centers and where each driver "ranked" vs other drivers. There was even a state ranking. All kinds of ridiculous stats played into the rankings including what you just described. And that is exactly why I don't pay attention to them.
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    Here with no Pas, EDD, or preload the report doesn't show up 'til 2 weeks later - then they want to know "Do you remember this date? and What happened here?"
    Heck if I can remember 2 weeks ago, I can only deliver what I have. Probably still sitting at main hub showing out for delivery on that date!
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    The driver's name is on the report so that somebody can be blamed for the service failure. PAS/EDD is such a fantastic success, it surely can't be the fault of the Preloader who no longer has to memorize what goes on the Package Car he loaded.
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    Shouldn't using the "package not found" button exonerate you from appearing on that list?
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    I have seen a few of these reports. Most of the time the package shows up on car the next day or two. As for the reports, I don't know how they could punish a driver for not delivering something that wasn't on car to begin with.
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    Make sure you communicate all misloads through the DIAD, in other words make sure you send a message. The DIAD prompts you to enter whether you can deliver it today or not, and to add comments if need be.

    In my center when you send in that you have a misload, they will either instruct you to deliver or sheet as missed.
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    He is not talking about misloads that are on his car---that is when you would use this method. He is talking about packages in his EDD but not on his car. The problem is the driver who does have the pkg is not doing the right thing and is most likely burying that pkg in his pickups, probably in a forever bag. If the driver who does have the pkg properly sheets it your name will not show up on the missing DIAD scan report.
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    In my center we were instructed if we can't find a package to send a message can't find and then the address.
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    Do they also ask for the 1Z? In our center we simply send the 1Z of any missing packages.
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    I had 3 not founds yesterday, I'll see if I can find that report this morning when I go in.
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    Just the address
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    Around here, the on-cars will scan your car in the morning to verify what is physically in your car if you're having an issue with missed pieces. Management would have to prove that said package was actually in your car that morning and you didn't scan it on road in order for you to get disciplined for it.
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    I believe your name is on the report because you delivered it the next day. The system has no idea where it was the day it wasn't scanned, but it does know who got it next!
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    In are center we have a number 4 under the communication screen for misloads. When we find a misload we go to that screen and scan the package then put in if we are going to deliver it or not. If not we scan the package and code it Non del/ missed. Once this happen it automatically take the stop out of the driverd DIAD that is missing the package so he isn't searching for all day.

    Who cares who name the missed package is under? If I find a package for a business that I couldn't find earlier in the day and know that I can't make bacl before they close I'll scan at 1655 as cl1. Also is I can't find a package I hit package info key and they hit not found to get it off my screen.

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    Its nice of you to think up such a sinister thought and then throwing a fellow driver on under the bus by implying one of them does it.:sick:
  18. In our center if you are missing a package, that is, it is in eDD not on car then you have to call it it. For each missing package you must call in the address and report the last four of the tracking. If you don't do this, then the suspisious eyes come looking. I think that this was put in effect to try and get drivers on dishonesty. If they can prove that you smoked a package that you reported missing, you are dishonest. Problem is, noone has been fired for this. "The whole system is flawless, the undelivered packages cannot be the fault of the system". The blame is always put on the drivers. The end of the line, and ***** rolls downhill.

    I do think that someone is beginning to see exactly how many packages do not make it onto the trucks since noone has been fired for dishonesty since this procedure began. Well no driver has been fired. I have seen on roads and managers get fired and demoted as a result of management lying to each other about what is really going on.

    I just want to know how I get time credit for all these silly phone calls. And they want to talk about overallowances!!:surprised:
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    I was asked to help another driver by taking a residential section from him. He had forgotten to pull one package for that section but, rather than run it off on the way back to the center, he decided to bury it in his pickup pieces. I received an ODS asking if I had that package and told them no so they did a check in audit on that driver's PC and found it in a forever bag.

    I rarely if ever help that driver anymore.
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    That's exactly what I was told.