Why would anybody listen to Republicans ? The party of "No"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by diesel96, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Most had no illusions that everything would change the minute Barack Obama took the oath of office, and that the Republicans would immediately burn their Ronald Reagan and Bush pictures and pledge allegiance to Obama. But I did think that Obama's solid victory in November, if nothing else, would make it clear that the bankrupt (literally) policies of the last eight years would no longer be seriously considered as a solution. I certainly knew that the Republicans would try to claw their way back to power, but I never imagined they would pull a Groundhog Day, acting as if the absolute meltdown of the last eight years hadn't happened. After all, by electing Obama, the American people pretty directly rejected the failed ways of doing business.
    Of all the problems George W. Bush and his enablers in Congress left on Obama's desk, the most pressing is perceived to be the economy. So Obama's first major legislative initiative was the stimulus package. Under the market-cures-all philosophy of the last administration (and, in fairness, every administration going back to Ronald Reagan), the financial system collapsed as the greed and irresponsibility of institutions finally reached a tipping point. But during the last eight years was the historic and devastating redistribution of wealth, whereby Bush's tax cuts for the rich and unfailing support for corporate interests led to a situation where, over the last 20 years, the top 10 percent took 90 percent of the income gains in this country. And the top 1 percent took roughly 60 percent. And the top 1/10th of 1 percent took 35 percent of that.
    The system of tax cuts turned the surplus of the Clinton years into a massive deficit, even before the $700 billion financial bailout and current stimulus package came into play. And the Bush years allowed massive gains for the wealthy, all while middle class wages, in real dollars, fell.
    Seriously? More freakin' tax cuts? What's next? Are they going to be asking for less regulations on Wall Street? Another invasion of Iraq? Were they not watching what happened the last eight years (and, more importantly, what the American people voted for in November)?
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    The change is what you have left of your investments, pensions, IRAs, 401Ks. With the market down about 20% since the election all we have left is the change.
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    It was not a complete victory in the election, a 4% change would have tipped the balance the other way. So all one has to do to win again is shift that 4%.
    Lets see how one could do that; turn a recession into the next great depression with useless wasting of tax $$, increasing taxes on business thus restricting the capital available to create jobs, restricting the free flow of information so that the only info to the masses comes from one source, open the borders & make every border jumper an automatic citizen thus slapping in the face all those that played by the rules & earned theirs, destroying our healthcare system by giving "equal " care ( as determined by a desk jockey with no medical experience ) to all.
    The next election is in 2010 it should be an eyeopener.
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    Man, get away from the radio man, you are sooo consumed with right wing talk radio talking points, its hard to read your postings without laughing myself to death.

    Illegal immigrants? Opening the borders?? Cmon, Under your fearless leader BUSH, over 20 million illegal mexicans came to this country, took jobs, got married, had kids, went to hospitals, put kids in schools, took welfare assistance, drove on our highways and byways...and guess what??

    They did it with the blessing of the republican party! Now you want to accuse President Obama with catering to illegals??

    What did BUSH do to stem the flow of illegals into this country?? In fact, it was McCain who was pushing for amnesty.

    Put the rhetoric on hold BABA, you got a huge hole to dig out of before the right wing can tell anyone how to run a country.

    This country was ruined by BUSH and his administration along with the republican controlled congress. What is happening today is the aftermath of bad policy and judgement.

    BUSH's own HOME OWNERSHIP SOCIETY was the time bomb that is currently the "core" of this nations ills.

    Greed and power mixed in with rediculous foriegn policy was BUSH's main downfall.

    Wheres all the flag waving today?? Wheres all the patriotism? Today, the majority of americans are worried about losing their jobs and homes and couldnt care less about IRAQ or Afghanistan.

    8 years of our manufacturing industry being shipped overseas to increase the profits of our american corporations without a clue about what it would do to employment in the US after the "phoney" economic boom of the housing bubble.

    Today, there are no jobs to get. 8 years of service industry job creation has left most americans at the poverty level.

    8 years of wall street greed and unregulated mismanagement has cost all americans millions of dollars.

    Just think, what if BUSH and your beloved republican party actually privatized social security?? YOU WOULD ALL BE BROKE by now.

    Thank god the democrats were able to shut that down. Notice how we never hear about this anymore since the collapse of wall street??

    Bad idea, hummm???

    Republicans across the media have only talking points to offer the public.

    Their policies speak for themselves.

    Last novembers election was a blowout of not only McCain, but the republican ideology as a whole.

    Only the last remaining robots who seemed to have missed the last 8 years in a coma would continue to support a party that screwed not only the country, but all americans alike no matter what party your with.

    Baba, this president may not be what you wanted, but he at least is trying to do something about the crisis vs. sitting back and doing nothing like GW BUSHED.

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    President Hussein has an aunt here illegally....if that's not catering to an illegal, I don't know what is. Pres. Hussein thinks he is above the law and it doesn't apply to him. Bull****!! :knockedout:
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    Just my opinion i am sick of this thread
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    I know don't read it but it's like obsesive compulsive disorder i see unread post i must read it
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    meant to say sick of these political threads


    Give obama a chanceJMO
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    That would be great if this were true. Once again, FAUX news and the right wing spin zone info.

    The truth of the matter is this. This lady is the HALF SISTER of his father.

    Hardly a blood relative to say the least, yes, aunt by distant relativity, but no true aunt by "relative" terms.

    Is she in this country illegally?? Maybe, but what does that have to do with OBAMA?? Did he invite her?

    He wasnt even aware of her existence until a few years ago.

    You guys want to make it out like this was his favorite aunt since childhood, and somehow he "snuck" her into this country illegally.

    Get the facts straight moreluck, you sound just like baba...

    There are millions of illegals in this country thanks to BUSH, you need to look no further. The real economic boom and profitability was on the backs of illegals.

    Paving, construction, painting, roofing, lanscaping, electrical, plumbing and food service industries thrived and benefited from the over 20 million illegals who came under the BUSH administration.

    The republicans looked the other way as all these industries became profitable using illegal workers.

    Now that the boom went bust, you all want to complain about them?

    Get serious.

    They wouldnt be here in the first place if there were not plentiful job opportunities for them to do so.

    You asked for them, you allowed them to be used, you promoted the practice, now suffer the consequences.

    You can thank yourself.

    If you really cared about illegals, you would make some signs, find a local business in your neighborhood and picket the office or warehouse.

    But, i know, your friends wouldnt like you to picket them.

    Talk is cheap.

    But thats all the republicans have. Cheap talk.:greedy:
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    No, I only want to make it that when he finally knew of this Auntie's existence.....what did he do ??? Did the law apply to this Auntie ? Did she get sent back to wherever she came from ??? No. She's still here and we are probably supporting her *****.

    As far as illegals here in this country....I'm for deporting all of them right now !!!! We would discover a gazillion dollars available for all of our needs.
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    So you admit he has an aunt here illegally?
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    You must be so proud today now that Obama announced his intentions to continue the Bush doctrine in Iraq. That is to continue the slow drawdown of troops until 2011.
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    Diesel, you may have had a good point there if it were not for the fact that the free markets are not to blame for this mess. You see, it was the government who told banks to make loans to less than credit worthy people. It was the government who forced fannie mae and freddie mac to hold half of their mortgage paper in subprime loans. Ultimatly it was the government who put us where we are today, and the government is only making it worse. The stimulus package will do little, if anything, to stem the tide of bad economic news as the government does not produce anything. The government can only take money from one group of people and give to another. This is akin to trying to fill a half full swimming pool by using a large bucket to scoop water from the deep end only to empty it in the shallow end. In the end the work is fruitless and accomplishes nothing. I know this will take time, but eventually the people will see that Obama and big government will not fix anything. Demonizing the most successful and hard working in our society for the benefit of the least productive will not help either. The government needs to stay out of the markets and allow the sticks to fall where they may. The moves made by Obama in his short time in office will only prolong the recession, but my fear is that is exactly what he wants because as long as people are scared him and his democrat thugs have free reign to push through whatever agenda they like in the name of helping people who don't deserve it.
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    Why would anybody listen to any Politician regardless of their political party affiliation?

    Sorry but I had to shout that out!
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    Hoax, I completely agree with you. This is getting old.

    No one knows what is going to happen at all.

    And as for "following the Bush Doctrine", IRAQ wants us out by then anyway.

    Anyone who listens to Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. She embarrasses me as a democrat voter.

    In all honesty, I would rather not have either party run as president. Be a fence sitter. Make educated decisions, instead of whats "tradition" for a party. Tradition is not something we need in NEW and changing times.
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    who is the they you are talking about. You have the liberal idiots running the country. Are you saying one of those liberals will be invading someone.

    Nice little fantasy story here diesel. Get some fresh air and try to get tuned in with the real world.
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    Have heard what FDR's treasury chief said about the deficit spending FDR was using to fix the broken economy back in the late 1903's. After 6 years of government spending he saw that nothing was helping, only WWII pulled the US out of the great depression.
    Is that what you want now ? Another war time boom ?
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    by all means, read on!
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    Had republicans been the "party of No" from 2000' to 2008', they might still be the party of power til at least 2012'. Democrats should be grateful republicans only learned now to say no after the fact!