Why would the IPA do this?



The IPA this week announced that it would not fly any struck goods from Northwest Cargo. Tom Nicholson, Pres. of the IPA seems to be on an EGO trip. Why would he come out and announce this? Northwest pilots and flight attendants are not honoring the strike so why would the IPA come out and say this. It just gives the IPA and UPS a black eye. You don't see the other cargo carriers that are in the same union as Northwest (ALPA) coming out and making the same idiotic statements. Who elected this guy?


Interesing to watch this Northwest srike. Our pilot's not flying Northwest struck goods(like they can actually tell what's in the belly's of or browntails), but their pilots not honering the mechanics picket lines. So many laydoff mechanics they don't seem to be having a problem finding A+P mechanics to whip the airplanes to get them in the air(scabs). Our pilot's with there labor problems and all those laydoff pilot's dying to get behind the controls of a big UPS plane. Going to be fun watching this one.