Will this hurt my chances?

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    I will be starting at the day sort position within a few months. My ultimate goal is to become a driver and I know that in this economy it’s going to be extra challenging. So once I take this job can I possibly continue to "shop" for other positions that could possibly get me into a package car faster then what my current route will be? I'm adaptable so if I have to move 1,000 miles away then so be it. I just want to make sure that be taking this position I’m not stuck at this location forever.
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    To start good luck. Your going to be in the union so everything goes by SENORITY. That means when a driver slot opens up it goes to the highest non-driver that wants it in your local depending on the ratio of inside to outside hires. I know in my local they put a list on the board for the first two weeks in Jan and if you want to have the opportunity that year to be a driver you sign the list and the list is good till next jan.

    There might be places in the United states that have a shorter time period to become a driver but in order for part time people to tranfer they have to be going to school in that area. So say your from CA but are going to go to school in NC you could possibly get a tranfer. Other than that if you want to move some where else you have to quit and reapply for a job with UPS and start at the bottom again.

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    It's all seniority. A full-time inside job popped up and I had enough seniority around 5 years part-time to bid on it, pass driving and DOT physical and get the job. That was almost 3 years ago.

    The longer you have with the company and union, the more authority you have to bid into these jobs. Your best bet is to find another job aside from UPS (maybe early morning 6-11, or night 6-11) for years to come if you REALLY want to hold out for a driver job.

    Yes, there are rare cases where someone gets LUCKY and gets into driving without going the hard way. Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is and drivers being laid off, they will return to work to fill the jobs that were consolidated or altogether removed before new drivers can bid in as they have the seniority and rights to those jobs.

    I suggest going to school and getting a degree, or a trade, and persuing something else. Or, you could work the day sort and again find somethign else to get by until you have the "juice" to get into F/T driving and on the F/T seniority list.

    Just my 2 cents
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    So I can be working part time and apply for other positions or I have to quit and then apply for other positions?
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    I don't know what you are asking, but will try to answer. there are no other positions other than the one you are starting with. this isnt a "move up" type company unless you go into p/t supervising. to me that's a demotion but for young kids it is seen as a promotion. if you want to become a driver, you start p/t with whatever job you're given and grind it for as many years as you can.

    after 6 months to a year of doing whatever is asked you can put your name on lists to transfer WITHIN THE SAME BUILDING to a different "preferred job" but it isn't applying for a specific position but rather just something different than what you are doing.
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    I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. Let’s say I’m working part time in the Chicago hub and notice that a driver position opens up on the website (normally this is in very rural areas of the country). So beings that I’m already employed P/T at one hub can I just pack my bags and move to that small city where they do need to fill a driver position? Thanks for the help.

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    NO ... you only can apply for a drivers job in your local. Unless you quit and reapply to UPS at another location in that case you start at the bottom again
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    Add to the fact that many areas currently have hiring freezes.

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    All the other guys who posted said it perfectly. Its all about your seniority. When a driver slot opens, it goes to the bidder with the highest seniority. No one job, or switching jobs will lead to quicker route when it comes to becoming a pckg car driver. A lot of new hires, or people from the outside think that signing up to be a driver helper during peak will lead them to a F/T driving job. That just is not the case. You must start out at the bottom, put in your time, and then you can worry about becoming a driver. Ask a driver, or a F/T manager for their estimate on the current wait to get in as a driver at your hub. Also in my opinion, if I were you... I wouldn't go to sort. Just wait until you have higher seinority on your belt and then you can be a high or low volume pickoff and make the exact same amount of money as a sorter (of course your final hourly rate also depends on seniority). Being a pickoff I feel would be easier than going to sort. But it all depends on what you personally want, and like. Basically when your in the union, almost everything depends on how long you've been there. Good luck :peaceful:
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    It's all about WAITING for a driver position to become available. That was 13 years (not a misprint) for me. Ask around your center to find out the average wait time; then factor in additional time for the bad economy. Then, ask yourself do I really want to wait that long? If you decide to wait, find a part time or full time civilian job during the day. But go ahead and DECIDE because if you just hang around you will get pulled toward the center of the whirlpool and it will eventually take you under. I'm just saying..............
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    I am starting as a union dock worker. I have 11 years in sales experence and I would like to work in the UPS sales department. I want to work for UPS so I didn't mind starting at the bottom. How would I go about working my way into a sales position?