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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by robbdogg75, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I have been with UPS for almost 11 months. I have loaded the same three package cars since I've been hired. I was told today by my sup that they are in the works of having me moved to a different belt/location. This new spot is a lot heavier and only gets worse as peak comes around (current loader for this spot hurt his back). The position I'm at now is heavy but lightens up during peak. I like my current spot and all my co-workers. My question is do I have any say on whether I stay on my current spot or not. Thanks in advance for all your advice.
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    In a word--no.

    You may want to think of it as a chance to experience a different part of the operation. The more experience you gain the more valuable you become as an employee.
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    When I first started, they moved me all over 2, and I went. I think they see who is good worker and who will go with the flow. GO FOR IT, if you have the energy and want to work why not? I now come in earlier and get those 15 minutes :)
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    you must be one hard working guy to be moved to a heavy area.
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    Me I am a chick :wink2:
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    and SWOOOSH too?
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    From the Contract . . .

    Article 22 --- Part-Time Employees
    Section 4

    ". . . The Employer will fill all vacancies and permanent new jobs for part-time employees from the part-time selection list in all months except November and December.

    Part-time employees with six (6) months or more seniority shall have the right to place their name on the list of employees waiting to be moved to a preferred job within their building. Such preferred jobs shall include, but not be limited to: Preload, Sorter, Clerical, Irregular Train, Designated Responder, Carwasher, Loader and Unloader. Employees do not have the right to select any specific unit, load or workstation unless a prior past practice has been established.

    Part-time employees with less than six (6) months seniority shall have the right to bid a preferred job prior to the Employer hiring from off-the-street.

    A maximum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the employees on a shift shall be allowed to change shifts in any one (1) calendar year. The employee obtaining the new position shall remain on that shift for at least six (6) months."
    - - - - -
    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
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    usually in my hub ( i guess you could say this has been "a prior past practice") supervisors always want to move the best people or the worst people around. they want to move the best to help a weak area, or dump their crappy people somewhere else. however, in our hub you cant be forced to move unless your the bottom man on seniority in your work area... if they want to move you and theres some one with less seniority below you you can make them move the other person
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    Slow down a bit if you do not want the moves. Like the previous poster said or implied, UPS would not be moving you if you performed "average" or decent. The majority of the time, only the slowest or fastest get moved (or in some cases move themselves!)

    Now conversely, this sounds like a perm move. The other guy hurt his back.

    Good luck! Just WAD and work safely!
  10. ORLY!?!

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    As Jennie said, go for it.

    Two weeks ago, on Thursday and firday, I was placed at middle blue. Two cars left at 7:45am thus early AM cars. The other one left at 8am, ya really have to hustle with those cars. The next week I was put on top green, Monday. Tuesday on top yellow. Wensday PD7. Thursday and Friday top green. Now I'm back on top yellow for the time being. And all that time, no misloads XD~!~.

    Before all this I was in PD7 for about 4-5 months. Before that I was at top yellow for a year.

    It is true, try to see what happens at other places in the building. Try and see if you can slay the place. See it as an educational tour of the building. Before you know it, you'll know where all the cars are. What building is which. What PD or feeder car port number is. UPS looks for people who are reliable and dependable.

    Sooner or later they will call you "Master loader", whatever the hell that means. I guess its the 320 packes per hour. My mine line sup called me that awhile ago, still dont know what it means. DOES IT MEAN IM AWESOME!!!1 LOL
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    Good for you! Yes they do look for dependable.:happy-very:
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    When I was a utility pre-loader there were different sups asking for me and I got to choose which area I wanted sometimes. They must have liked my loads.
    I loaded at least once on all 10 pens in my hub, probably more as I was a pre-loader for about 7 years.
    (A "pen" at my hub is a penninsula that has about 28 pcs backed up to it)
  13. ORLY!?!

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    No doubt about it.

    You'll also get request from drivers who are used to the loads. The drivers word is worth its weight too.
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    Hey thanks jennie!

    People often say they just dont care. But there is a better reason to care about anything you do at UPS. Dependable, reliable sure. But I get a few bags of pills almost every day. I get Xrays as well.

    You know there are many reasons you should care about you're job. Other then it is a job, you should always take any job you have seriously anyways. But these items you do carry might save someones life. They might show someone has cancer that can be operated on, thus saving their lives.

    People at UPS should understand there is more then just packages. There is someones future, past and perhaps and a lease on a longer/new life. The bureaucracy isnt all that bad, getting into it will cure all your ills.

    Thank you again!
  15. Mike23

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    Do you get a journeyman certificate for reaching 'master loader'? If you do then you should talk to the union and see what type of pay increase you can expect ;) :happy-very:
  16. jennie

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    Is that serious, or are you being sarcastic, lol, I can't tell, as people at UPS tell me things that I find out later are false, I just fall for it :knockedout:
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    he's messin' with you:sad-little:
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    haha don't try to show them what you can do... that had them sending me to one of the heaviest trucks in my hub.. 366 pieces on the mall truck and 266 on a house call/ mall truck.

    Better then the other truck that only had 160 pieces but stuff was almost all 75+ pounds.
  19. Mike23

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    Heh, sorry, I was teasing. Tradesmen get journeyman certificated when they reach top level and end up making a wad full of cash until retirement (usually around $35 an hour depending on the trade).
  20. jennie

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    Thats ok, thanks for explaining:thumbsup: