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  1. I am a FT driver who hurt my knee at work two weeks ago. I'm supposed to be on light duty (which you know is not possible) I found out today that I am guaranteed 40 hours but I will not get paid 40 hours. I am getting worse and was wondering if I am full time why cannot I get my 40 hour paycheck?! I think I'd be better off just being off work it seems but have no idea what comp would even pay, I get different answers from different supervisors.
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    Why are you asking your supervisors and not your steward??
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    Did you tell the Doctor about UPS's "light duty" farce of a program? If its that bad you shouldn't be working. I suggest you go see the Doc again. Don't be fooled by managements claim to have medical degrees----its BS.
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    Who said you were guaranteed 40 hours? Here you are not guaranteed anything on TAW.
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    Here you are entitled to your guarantee on TAW.
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    A driver told them to show him their medial license and write down everything they think is wrong?
    Management just filled out the injury report and gave the driver the claim number.
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    If you are placed on light duty (TAW) you should receive your daily guarantee and will perform tasks based upon any restrictions that your doctor may have put in place. If you are getting worse you should go back to your doctor so that he can put you out of work completely----your health is far more important.

    You asked about comp. Comp payments vary from state to state. When I was out of work following surgery I received $400/week from comp. Thank goodness I had supplemental health insurance which basically made up the difference between my regular paycheck and my comp check.
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    Light duty here is shuttle work, cleaning cabinets out, hiding out at customer counter watching TV, and reading the paper for eight hours.
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    When I had my surgery I was off for two weeks and then had two weeks of light duty, which consisted of me driving my route while a 22.3 delivered the packages. The hardest part for me was not being able to help her and listening to her telling me not to help her.
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    80% of your base pay here. 3 hours of TWA for the first 30 days.
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    I was on TAW for 4 months and they gave me what my average work week was. Right at 10 hours/day - 8 straight and 2 hrs OT daily. After I realized therapy was not working on my shoulder and I opted for surgery, I went on workman's comp for 7 months. I believe the comp was 80%.
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    You need to talk with your Local Union.

    Article 14 Section 2.... of the Master language applies.

    Only, if there is no alternative work available to fulfill your guarantee.

    Then you go straight to workers comp.

  13. Thanks for the help
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    You also need to know your state's comp laws. Every state is different and knowing the law is a very big help.
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    Get a lawyer.

    Or at least talk to one who specializes in workman's comp cases.

    You may be pleasantly surprised.
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    There is no need to "lawyer up" at this point.
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    Good advice.

    There is contractual protection, as well.

    "The Employer shall provide Worker’s Compensation protection for all employees even though not required by state law or the equivalent thereof if the injury arose out of or in the course of employment."

    Unless your workers comp claim is denied, you don't need a lawyer.

    If you have one that dispenses free advice.... it can't hurt.

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    827.00 a week in Fla...not too painfull
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    That comp pay seems low, I hear it`s $820 a week down here.
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    Also here it`s a max of 29 days light duty per injury!