workers comp retaliation?

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    My goal is to become a driver and I've only been on the pre load for over a year. I had an over weight hit me in my back and its been almost a month and its still dorked. Has anyone heard or had a sort of punishment for collecting wc?
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    Punishment or retaliation is against the law. Don't give them a reason to punish you, so that when they do you can file a harassment/retaliation grievance, or sue, or etc.
  3. Surprised they're not making you come in and do some sort of work instead of sitting at home.

    Drivers and pre-loaders with hernia's, (no lifting anything per doctor's order's) sprained ankle, (in walking boot) strained back etc..etc... have been made to come in and work the pre-load whether it be scanning packages on a moving belt or scanning smalls from forever bags.

    Sup pulls forever bags off belt and dumps them throughout the shift into big tote set up beside them so they can scan smalls.

    So you have 3 total flows coming up 2 belts to the sort (sometimes 4 when Dcap person is putting address corrections or doing forever bags) and they wonder why the sort is so :censored2:ty and why so many send again's during the shift.
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    Nah im still working the unload. I just dont want to go out this early in the game. Dont want wc to reflect on my work ethic. Ya the center manager wanted me to go see a doc. If I wasnt feelin better by the end of the week. Theres numerous reasons why the sort is sh! ty. Numbers being at the top.
  5. Ahhh I see.

    Thread title made it sound as if you were off work. collecting WC and that possibly being held against you in the future by the company.
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    Did you tell sup when it happened? How long ago?
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    I'd say that's a slam dunk sups working grievance.
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    Cans again?
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Nothing but the best.
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    Do you realize that TAW pays better than comp?
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    In the BOG.

    Not here in the Commonwealth.
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    So have a union employee dumb the bags. Ain't rocket science.
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    Milk it out brother!
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    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    Saw a Dairyman's delivery driver hauling in gallons and gallons of milk today. It was 95 degrees and super humid, he was sweating so bad, all I could think of was this...image.jpg
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    I know my view isn't shared by some in management, but if you're really hurting, who gives a s*** what they think. You have life outside of UPS. Don't let them hurt you more just because you're afraid of looks.
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    Again, at least here in Upstate NY, TAW pays better than comp.
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    Sure did and it happened in between two months if that.
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    You're not wrong. I just wanted to see if anyone went this route and the aftermath on the inside.
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    Temporary Alternative Work. Basically you come in and do light work, so UPS doesn't get a comp claim and report to OSHA