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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dwaver, Nov 19, 2009.

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    So i have afew questions on the aspect of harrassment and rights;

    aparently i 'miss sorted' some boxes and i do not believe that, the scanner(s) normally tell me whether or not this parcel is good to go or it is supposed to be in another area. the only people who can help this issue (which i now know) are the clerks who do the auditing. yet their saying it is my fault the first time, said a supervisor and i signed off on it and let it be, and now the hub manager is telling me that if i don't start pulling my weight, i am going to be reprimanded. pretty much an ultimatum (which he doesn't believe it is)

    Is this not classified as harrassment?
    and if not can i be reprimanded for this?
    and if so, can i grieve this?

    I don't think that i should be held responsible for everyone elses responsibilities.
  2. I really can't comment on the ground operation, but you don't want to get sideways with the manager nor go on and on about other peoples responsibilities.
    Toughen up and let it go.
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    I appreciate the encouragement, i normally do not care about such things. but still, harrassment is harrassment, people have their right to be treated with dignity and respect, and if i can prevent it from happening further i will. Normally i just grieve loss of wages, (which is an F'n effort in a half to do) but this is getting out of hand. I just wanted to know if i can get answers to my questions, we have no union steward at this point in time and the only ones that can help at all with this situation, leave before my sort starts most of the time.
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    I think it's time you put the big boy pants on and stop worrying about anyone else but yourself.
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    Just do the best you can and let your Union representation prove that the culpability lies with somebody else if it gets to that level. Right now it's just idle threats. Also stop signing their writeups. It will be interpreted as an admission of guilt down the road. Never sign anything that isn't mandated by the DOT or OSHA. Don't pay any attention to Upstate either. If you haven't noticed, he suffers from terminal self righteousness.
  7. dwaver

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    Probably for the best, and i thank you for that imput.

    Buuuut, no one is anwsering my questions and politely telling me not to be a baby about this. Lol. The encouragement is nice, I appreciate it.
  8. PT Stewie

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    Your course is clear here. Volunteer to be the steward !
  9. Bubblehead

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    You can grieve harassment under Art 37.
    Problem being the burden of proof is on you and it is a significant burden.
    Another consideration is that if you win, your award will be for them not to harass you anymore.
    It's a fairly "vanilla" process that will definitely widen the rift.
    If it doesn't cost the company money, they are unfazed and uninterested.
    Flip side is that if this escalates, by filing, you have started your own paper trail.
    This could be helpful down the line of progressive discipline.
    I'm still leaning towards letting your skin thicken a bit.
    Try and realize that management likes to throw rhetoric around in hopes that it will stick.
    Proving that to be harassment will be difficult and likely without reward.
    Just smile and thank them for their input and vow to do better tomorrow.
    I'm betting they move on to the next person they can find that seems rattled by the threats.
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    In the Future DON'T SIGN ANYTHING without a steward there. Even if there is a steward there you don't have to sign anything.
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    your best off just doing your job and not worring about the harassment . Fighting with a sup just make every little thing you do a huge mistake and your time at work harder and harder . just grin and bare it . KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS
  12. RogerThat

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    You are pretty ignorant if you think you can butt heads with not only your boss but the sort manager none the less. What you explained is not harassment. It is supervision. It is management's job to confront problem employees. You are complaining and saying that you are not respected. Let me tell you that the contract does not guarantee respect from management along with your 3.5/day guarantee. Respect is earned. The only person I agree with on this thread is upstate. Maybe you should open your eyes and ears and realize that your being paid to service packages. Yes that means checking them, and sorting accordingly.

    Don't let these old timers in the hub fool you with all that brotherhood talk. You work for UPS, and you have a boss. You are not an almighty teamster with exemption from discipline. The union is a great thing for hard workers, but too many people use it to milk a paycheck.

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    While i dont totally agree with rogerthat most of what he says is true if you missload packages you get talked to about it.Alot of people take things to personally its your supervisors job to do these things,now i think some sups like to mess with certain people over others.Maybe you fall into the catagory of certain people,but if you do something and you get in trouble over it its not harrasment or at least cant be proven.Now i think you are right about earning respect for a job well done but not for basic respect as a person,you should not speak to anyone any different than you would outside of work and you werent there boss.
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    This is what I learned about 5years ago. At one time I would get into the bickering and go toe to toe with sups if they wanted to get nasty.

    Since then it has all about being mellow and smiling when they have their PMS days. The meaner, louder, more condencending and egotistical they are, the slower paced and nicer I get. That has actually worked out because these same ones know this and treat me with respect even on a bad day or if I make a mistake, because it in turn gives them a much more fair days work. :wink2:
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    That's what I was thinking.
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    If you're missorting too many packages then at some point you will get fired for it. How does the center manager warn you and tell you to change your ways without it being deemed Harrassment?
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    I disagree, how can 1 be fired for missort when the contract does not speak on it? WHat standard would be used to terminate an employee? There is no standard between UPS and the Teamsters on missorts. We have 3 rulings in 705 and the arbitrators ruled that without having an agreed upon standard UPS cannot discipline for this.
  18. 705red

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    The madagascar penquins say it the best, "smile and waave, smile and wave"

    Do not let them know they get to you, if they igure that out they know they are winning. Shrug it off they have the right to talk to you about work. You should volunteer for steward, you seem upset over this and this is why most stewards take the job at least the good ones. They want to change the wrongs.