Workers to transfer from Northbrook UPS

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    Workers to transfer from Northbrook UPS - Northbrook Star

    Falling profits at United Parcel Service has led the Atlanta-based company to transfer more than 100 package sorters from the distribution center in Northbrook to two other area facilities.

    Effective Monday, 140 mostly part-time sorters who had reported to the 2725 Shermer Road facility will work either at 2100 N. Hicks Road, Palatine, or 1400 S. Jefferson St., Chicago. The remaining 145 sorters will stay in Northbrook.
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    Was transportation between facilities considered at all? Shuttles, car pools?
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    It was up to all affected employees to consider their options, offered in seniority order. Transportation availability (and even facility locations) was left for them to figure out on their own.

    Last line of the article, a quote attributed to Norman Black: "Black said no drivers would be transferred or lose jobs at UPS Northbrook."
    That would be great news to 50+ feeder drivers, who are being transferred. Thus the need to move 100+ part-timers.
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    This is typical for low volume periods: you consolidate the sorting of volume to reduce expensive feeder miles by consolidating loads. The delivery drivers in the building need to stay in the building because that minimizes delivery miles.

    It's even bigger savings in the air network: if volume stayed low, or got lower, we would eventually shut down every air hub except for Louisville and Ontario, CA. That would minimize air feed cost. Big Bucks.
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    That's got us scratching our heads here, because overall TDP (feeder pick-ups) will have more miles, while sitting in rush hour traffic. Oh well, it's good to get paid by the hour.
    For the time being, some of that work will revert to package car pick-ups. But when business picks back up, and for PEAK, they're going to need more package cars/drivers to sustain that plan, and rumors are floating around about where another boxline will be added on to the bldg.
    And I foresee problems with at least one seasonal shipper, the kind of customer who would call @ 1400, requesting more long boxes. We won't have the flexibility to service them as we have in the past. There will likely be more competitors trailers on their docks in the future.
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    The more I see, the more I realize that the UPS plan was not to get FED-X to join the union, but to break the union at UPS.
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    Care to elaborate?
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    ITS really important to me, I need to know did they transfer any package car drivers.? IF you kow please let me know thanks.