Working a double on sixth day pay.

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So my schedule is Tues through sat and I have been coming in regularly on Mondays for overtime pay. On Friday I received a call asking me to come in for day sort on Monday as well so I will be working preload and day sort on a day I am scheduled off.

Can I look forward to Monday being an entire day of overtime?

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IDK Do you live in a local that counts irregular workdays as overtime? Here you would get OT after 8 hours on monday and only start earning OT again after 25 straight-time hours throughout the week or 6th day.
In my local 6th shift is all overtime. On Tuesday through Saturday to make my Monday overtime and it has my 6.5 hours overtime for just Monday. I’d ask a shop steward for your local.


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Here, a sixth punch isn't OT for PTers until you have 40 hours of accrued time for the week or after 5.5 hours for the shift. And the fact that you are doing two shifts means you would need to get 8 hours worked for the day. I'd check what local situation is.
Some but not all of it. You should get a copy of the master and your supplement and read them. Or skim them and mark pages at the very least. Think of it like us in prison but our lawyers don't let the guards do certain things to us.