Working at 2 centers at the same time?

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    Hi, right now I currently work at a small center that is around 5 miles away from me. I work the local sort/twilight shift (6pm-9:30ish)There is another center that is about 8 miles away from me. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to work at 2 centers at the same time for different shifts. I know I'd be able to do it, I am usually up all night anyways, I might as well be working. Thanks for any help.
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    Two centers at the same time? I tip my hat to you. I can only be at one place at any given moment. How much time will you have from the end of one shift to the beginning of the next. Also, you might want to keep track of your mileage between buildings. I believe that you can take a mileage allowance deduction on your income taxes as long as you travel directly from one building to the other.
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    The two center managers would have to talk and agree. I take it you want to work preload on the other shift?

    Very doubtful this would happen. If they were in a world of hurt, they might allow it to fix a problem temporarily. If you were to get hurt, or when you go on vacation, they need to replace you in two places, not 1.

    Also, wasn't article 22.3 written into the contract because of situations like these?