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  1. Seasonal

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    If you work after your seasonal contract does UPS have to hire you on full time ? This would be the second season worked as a seasonal driver. There is a rumor that if you work one day fter your contract then they have to hire you.
  2. porkwagon

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    No. What is a seasonal contract?
  3. Seasonal

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    Working may 5th to august 31st
  4. porkwagon

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    You sure that is a binding contract?
  5. Seasonal

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    The contract signed says you won't work after August 31st . Thanks for the help
  6. burrheadd

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    Did you work after Aug. 31
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    What does this contract say? Read it and there wouldn't be any rumors to chase
    UPS Agreements, 2013 – 2018
  8. Bubblehead

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    In the Central Region it's call vacation replacement, and the dates are May 1st thru Labor Day.
    If you work one day past, you are entitled to a full-time seniority date.
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    Did you work today?
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    With a good BA
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    Kind of surprised that HR hasn't had them go back online to sign a new seasonal agreement unless they are being brought on and just backed up with paperwork.
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    What have you been doing the rest of the year?
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  14. Seasonal

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    Work October to Jan and then may to august 31st which is what my driver contract says but I was wondering if they have to hire you if you work over it
  15. Seasonal

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    Thanks so this summer I was vacation replacement and contract said august 31st and was told to work today and tomorrow.
  18. KOG72

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    i've never heard of any of these type of contracts but with UPS they do what they want to.
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    Good luck
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    Sounds like a rumor management would fan to keep off streeters coming back for bottom rate hourly pay and no benefits. They'll dangle that cheese and confuse you to their benefit. Where I am they're having a tough time trying to recruit.

    If that were actually a thing, inside PTers who are union members and have waited for years to go FT would never let it go.