Would someone please explain ssi to me?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by reydluap, Oct 13, 2005.

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    Would someone please explain ssi to me? I was on vacation and my coverage driver gave my supervisor a time of 11:45 as a delivery time for a factory on my route. This is a business that is seasonal in its manufacturing of products. They call me on my cell phone a dozen or so times a year for an earlier delivery time (around 10:30). So, I just provide the service to the customer and deliver them early. This city I'm delivering in is 10 blocks long by 12 blocks wide - I REAL METROPOLITAN AREA -- So going off trace to service them is not a big deal.

    Now my problem. My supervisor has told me NOT to deliver this business before 11:45! I don't get it. If I was delivering the business after the commit time, I could understand the sup's point. But as it sets, I don't get the big picture.....
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    It's just one more ball we have to juggle along with the 102 we already have in the air. Certain businesses have dictated what time they want their delivery within a 30 minute window and some manager who wouldn't last 2 hours on a route has promised "Sure we can do that".
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    Sounds like your supervisor wants you to do 100% trace-you are on pas right? Never mind service.
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    Isnt it wonderful how a COVER DRIVER can screw up a route for the regular driver?
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    SSI is for higher volume customers...
    in our center, we have several, and most of them
    were moved to other cars, so those cars would hit
    the delivery on their way out of town or whatever...
    while the normal route ran as "normal"