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Quick question for all you vets of UPS...
What is avalible for my future at UPS after 6 months... I hear you can test to be a part time sup... What else is available?


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For your social/familylife to disappear into oblivion,for your body to slowly deteriorate until you can barely get out of bed.Anyone else want to chime in..............


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Try to make something out of yourself like getting a 4 year degree in something marketable or starting your own business.

If all else fails THEN you can go for PT supe or you can continue as an hourly worker gaining seniority for a shot at package cars.


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stay part-time gain seniority then go into driving or take inside full-time, that's unless you want to move around to different centers and be a puppet, if you want full-time management remember a driver down the road who may even have less seniority than you if you are part-time sup can get a full-time sup job before you because he is already full-time latteral move


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Depending on your personality and how you handle stress, Management is not a bad option. I would definitely go for a degree not matter what you decide.
With an automotive degree and certification you could become a mechanic.
With a specialized engineering degree, you could work in the Plant Engineering department.
With a business degree you could go into operations management.
With a basket weaving degree you could go into IE.
If you can take a pulse (I believe this would only require a certificate), you can get into HR.
There are all kinds of options with UPS.
The best thing I can suggest is always do your best, always show up for work (if you can a few minutes early), always leave your home life at the gate, do not take everything personally (you are in a high stress job and things get said).
Never steal from UPS, never get in a fight on property with anyone, and never take short cuts on your methods).
Last and always the most important, WORK SAFELY, everything in the boxes can be replaced (if not, then the darn fool should not be shipping it with anyone), you can not be replaced. I have seen 20 year old men get hurt at this job who can no longer enjoy some things in life because they worked unsafe and took short cuts.