Yesterday: UPS semi flips on 9A

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by JaxUPSHub, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. JaxUPSHub

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    Luckily the driver is fine.

    The content of the truck shifted and made the truck flip... Good job loading??!! ???
  2. tieguy

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    Hard to say. If it was a drop frame then I'd say yes. But its a short flat floor. I guess its still possible to have the load shift If you loaded the heavier boxes toward the tops of each wall. I could be wrong but I would think everything would slide forward the first time you hit the brakes. If the load was loaded with the lighter boxes in the nose and the heavier ones towards the rear then you should have the rear come around rather then it flip over. Hard to say without more info. The news usually gets the story wrong.
  3. bluehdmc

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    Could have been used for a cpu and had a few pallets with space between, loosely shrikwrapped and the load on the pallet could have shifted. I've picked up some customers and it seems like every order picker loads their own pallet, one pallet will be 2ft high and the another one stacked 5ft.
  4. pickup

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    everything you say is true, blue, but I can't see this scenario really being the overriding factor in the accident(we have nothing but this brief news report so we have little to work with other than the conclusion stated). Generally, an order picker is going to put the heavier stuff on the bottom. To do otherwise would make more work for him and crush the lighter boxes. Usually when a truck flips over , it is because of speed that was excessive for the curve (been on exit 16W off the njturnpike?, there's a beauty of a curve) .

    People manage to pull containers loaded to the top from the bottom with a very high center of gravity and get to their destination without an incident. Driver error probably played a part in this accident (too much speed)

    We got a lot of casuals driving now chasing the carrot of possible permanent position. Driving unfamiliar equipment while trying to be stick out and usually the only way they think that they can do that is to do everything in the shortest amount of time.
  5. Covemastah

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    I agree with Pick Up nice day,dry roads Merging onto a highway ..Hello ... some one not getting the big picture &not aiming high in steering...Yah speed did this...
  6. pickup

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    the guy looking for the radio/cb box, there was your chance to grab one that fell off the truck. I think that the box sitting on the road in front of the cab is the item someone was looking to get his hands on in another thread
  7. Bryishre

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    Seat belts saves lives also they save road boxes. I have the same one and it always gets buckled up before the pretrip.
  8. bluehdmc

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    Pickup, you beat me to the radio comment.