You know you're screwed when...

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by undies, Nov 1, 2013.

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    When I first started driving, this is how you learned the routes. They would say, "call us later and let us know how your're doing"! No DIAD or EDD either, just a map and a pick up log. Now, guys "can't do routes", because the sups say, "they don't know it yet".
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    Lmao where is the like option. I would like this one 100x.
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    Your girlfriend is pregnant.............and your wife found out
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    He prefers Dude.
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    She catches you with him.
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    youve officially pissed off management at all levels? Lol
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    Or you get a socialist president who wants to destroy the country and is in the process of doing so....
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    I hear a lot of guys say this but you also have to keep in mind you also weren't doing 150 with your pickups everyday. You had time that allowed for mistakes and still able to get in. Today some routes leave no room for error. A lot of route drivers use shortcuts and still only make it in by 7:30. Now when a new guy gets it he doesn't know any of the drivers short cuts so his ETA might be 8:30 driving out of the building and that's if he runs the rest of the route perfectly.
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    Misery loves company