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    We had a PCM in our slots regarding submitting UPS Freight sales leads for YRC freight. The letter cited difficulties Yellow and Roadway are having integrating their services, resulting in missed pickups and other service isues/failures, and that this was an opportune time to go after their volume. A few of us discussed this and wondered if this was a conflict of interest since both Yellow and Roadway are Teamsters and, in effect, we would be taking work away from Teamsters. I saw it for what is is, an opportunity to secure new volume for UPS, while the others felt that they would have a hard time submitting sales leads which could result in Teamsters losing their jobs.

    I would like to hear if this PCM was given in your centers/hubs and, if so, what are your thoughts on this. Thanks.
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    I haven't been to PCM since I have been injured so I can't tell you anything about that.
    On the question of taking work from other teamsters I can see the conundrum that it can cause. IMO, not taking any opportunities we get at gaining business for any UPS branch seems like cutting our own throat.
    UPSF is part of the company that we work for, if the don't succeed , it can and probably ill effect all of us. I can't see me going out an trying to drum up accounts for UPSF, but if one presents its self, I will not turn it down.
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    We had that PCM and have also been told to pursue UPS Freight leads. Turns out, Freight does not have the drivers or equipment to do anything about in this area, so the leads are not going to be followed up.

  4. City Driver

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    i see both sides of it

    we need more business here at freight....hell im still bumped to being a dockworker (driver pay)

    but at the same time, yellow/ roadway is doing bad enough as it is....theres no way for me to take business away from them without feeling guilty about it

    especially considering i used to work for roadway...they gotta eat too
  5. drewed

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    Well you sorta have to think of it this way do you want that freight in a grey trailer or a purple/orange one?
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    This subject was discussed in the past as well. It's the same as with DHL, some of those guys were union workers as well. The writing however is on the wall. Not all of these companies are union organized. Would you rather the volume stay with a Teamster employee or go with somebody else.

    City Driver brings up another good point, would you rather that our drivers be back out on the road instead of working docks and more jobs for UPS as a whole, or would you rather that the work be with another company whose employees just had to take a pay cut because of wage concessions.
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    To me the answer is simple...

    If Yellow/Roadway is having service issues and volume is diverting why would UPS not aggressively pursue this??

    If you want to protect union jobs then you need to make UPS the better option when customers are considering going elsewhere...don't you??

    Otherwise you can say they've gotta eat too but this is a dog eat dog world, competition is tough!! If you don't act you will strengthen the likes of others (competition, non-union) rather than yourselves and when that happens do think that the ones who have jobs will care that you don't??...JMHO. :peaceful:
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    I say its a conflict of interest. I don't think teamsters can take another hit of losing a big company. Don't forget all these now defunct trucking companies that were teamsters some are still collecting a pension even though they are not contributing to them anymore. But on the flip side you want to take care of your own and get all the business you can. This is a good question.....
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    ill tell you right now, the same as ill tell my terminal manager

    i would never in my life use UPS freight to ship something to my own home

    NEVER would i recommend it either

    after delivering and now working on the dock, unloading (breaking) the pups that other terminals load and ship to us, i see just how careless and lazy they are

    its ridiculous how much freight is damaged, and most of the time it could of been avoided very easily by using dunnage or a deck bar or air bag

    i know all trucking companies have there problems but i have worked a few and ups freight AKA overnite is by far the worst
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    I'd much rather put in a sales lead to get FrED ex freight than YRCW's.

    I believe there's a silly youtube video about this
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    Someone doesn't understand the implications of trying to take YRC's customers. If YRC goes under, who's the last major employer in the various teamster pension funds? Yeah, you guessed it, UPS!!!!! If you receive a PCM like this, remind mgmt. of this and ask how high up the corporate chain this came from/or was reviewed and approved. I'm told this came up locally in talks (probably SCS or CSI) and the UPS people "paled" when the implications hit them.
  12. trplnkl

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    That's a very good point and I can't disagree. Although, UPS is already the last major employer in the teamsters pension programs.