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    Congratulations, Dave.:)

    (One year less two days younger than my grandson.)

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    My whole family sends congratulations you big lug.
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    Congratulations. Any chance you can hold that baby for mom and dad do it. Being a hands on grandpa is also a great thing. Changing diapers giving bottles or just being there helps out so so much. Young parents always need help. As time goes by grandparents sometimes forget how hard it is to be young parents. There's a lot of very trying times. So with the work ethic I know you have don't be shy and get knee deep in the help out department. I know you will be a good grandpa but remember you can always do more for the ones you love. They'll need you. God bless you and you new bundle of joy.
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    Evelyn Nicole was born at 4:58pm on Monday. 8 lbs, 4 ozs. 21" long. Very long fingers and toes. Dark blue eyes. I went down to see her yesterday. Beautiful baby.
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    Congratulations Dave....enjoy being a Grandpa!
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    Did you set up her 401k yet?
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    No but she will have a 529 as soon as she gets her SSN.
  11. Congrats Upstate! All the best to you and your family.
  12. joeboodog

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    That's a keeper!!! Again, my family and I offer you congratulations and pray for her joy and happiness.
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    Congratulations. I wish good health and happiness for the new baby, you, and the rest if your family.
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    image.jpg My sister in law just got one of these. Totally awesome. I just sit there and watch that baby and fall asleep.