Long term disability

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  1. Just looking for a little help with the follows. I looked through some older posts but really didn't find what I was looking for.

    I'm on my last 30 days of short term disability and doctor told me I most likely wont be going back to work in 30 days and could possibly need another surgery. I already called aetna and got the ball rolling just in case I do need it in 30 days.

    Assuming I get approved,

    - Is my job still held and safe for when I do return?

    - Do I still get my credit needed for heath insurance (as they did with std?)

    - and what do I do if the doctor does not write me off at 100% and aetna doesn't approve the claim?

    thanks in advance
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    Pretty sure
    Pretty sure

    Local union office would be able to answer these questions definitely.