1. J

    Pre-Course Integrad

    I recently took the Pre-Course assessment. I passed the Safety assessment but when I finished the DIAD overview and DIAD parts 1 and 2. There was no assessment test but according to the packet I received, there is an assessment test for DIAD. After completing the DIAD portion the whole...
  2. F

    Integrad Franklin park, Illinois ( chicago ) stick shift?

    Hi, anyone that has been to the Integrad driver training facility near chicago recently, do you know if they use manual trucks? My hub does not use or test on them anymore but it is still a qualification for 22.4, so i am assuming Integrad will have a stick shift. Thank you in advance for info...
  3. cheryl

    Inside a UPS training school where workers haul boxes across slick 'ice,' perform high-stakes drivin

    Inside a UPS training school where workers haul boxes across slick 'ice,' perform high-stakes driving drills, and deliver packages to empty homes in a mock neighborhood - Yahoo Surging package volumes are bringing an unprecedented number of delivery trucks and vans to our neighborhoods in the...
  4. V

    Seniority issue

    Recent graduate of integrad. Haven’t drove yet. Guy with more preload seniority set to graduate this week from integrad. Will he get to qualify before me or will my integrad graduation date supersede his. Thanks in advance
  5. ClassicFumbles

    Integrad DOK Verbatim

    Preparing myself for Integrad, and I’m in the process of memorizing the 5 and 10. But I can’t make sense of the 5. I know I need to recite it word for word, but the way it’s written on the page is just weird. Two different columns with one being questions, the other being sentence fragments and...
  6. H

    Headed to Intergrad

    Hello, Heading to Intergrad for drivers school. I've been with UPS as a package handler for 2 years but I'm only the second person in my building to be sent to Intergrad. I've read some posts on here about it but most seem to be several years old so I figured I'd start a new one. I know it's a...
  7. T

    Passed driver service provider class now I'm being sent to integrad

    I was sent to A Driver Service Provider (DSP) class and passed. Then I drove a route for all December. (Peak season) now they're sending me to integrad. Shouldn't the DSP class be enough? Is integrad required after I have already passed the DSP class and drove a route?
  8. Analbumcover

    New Member

    Hello everyone- I just got my call to come in and do a road test next week for a Reg-temp driver so I'm getting myself prepared. The forums have been a great resource I wanted to thank you for all the information on the website. If the road test goes well, what is the wait period between the...
  9. L

    I just finished Integrad in Portland, Oregon

    Hello all. It is a relief to be able to say that I made it through Integrad and it was not as bad as I had expected. Thanks to some other posts on this site I was quite nervous at the beginning about some things regarding uniforms and appearance but I found that it wasn't as military like as I...