1. T

    Will I get a pension for working part time?

    Hello there UPSers! I started at UPS this past May 2020 and I have a important question, while I looked over the contract and saw as a part time you get so much credits of service for hours worked and it talks about a pension I was wondering if I would get a pension from UPS/the union? Here...
  2. U

    Pension info from the 90s

    Hello everyone. I was a FedEx employee from 1998-2004. I called FedEx retirement services to see what, if any benefit I had waiting for me later in life. Back then vesting was at 5 years for the pension. They initially told me I had 4 good years at over 1000 hours and two that I was shy of 1000...
  3. RetiredIE

    RPU Conversions?

    Ok, this is likely a dumb question. Retired in 2018. I had RPU's vest (convert into UPS stock) in 2019, but I cannot find the shares. I am getting dividends, but I am not sure where the shares are. I looked in Computershare, Mellon, etc., but I can't find them. I will call Mellon, but...
  4. cheryl

    Bryan Place Neighbors Celebrate the Retirement of Their Beloved UPS Driver

    Bryan Place Neighbors Celebrate the Retirement of Their Beloved UPS Driver - Candysdirt For 34 years, Mallory Briggens was a UPS driver in Bryan Place, where he was known far and wide across the neighborhood for the care he took with neighbors’ packages. On his last day before retirement...
  5. cheryl

    Longtime UPS delivery driver and Belmont resident shares ups and downs from 31 years of deliveries

    Longtime UPS delivery driver and Belmont resident shares ups and downs from 31 years of deliveries - Belmont For 15 years, the brown UPS truck has been a welcome sight to many who live and work in Wellesley, both for the packages and for the woman delivering them. Lauren Lennerton of Belmont...
  6. K

    Working After retirement

    I retired recently and have played my share of golf and now I'm looking for something else to keep me busy. I was looking to get part time or full time job but have not got any real answers about number of hours I can work / what jobs I may have/ etc. Anyone else working after retirement ? If...
  7. Ancient Alien

    Retirement takes some financial planning

    As you know. I retired 49 & 11-months with 28-11 months worked. I used my 7-weeks and optional week to make it to PEER 80. I'm in the WCT plan. I pay $780 for insurance a month for the wife & I. $390 each. It doesn't include optical or dental. You can pay additional a month for dental but it's...
  8. D

    Medical Leave

    In October 2017 I was let go due to being off a year on medical leave and not returning. Worked for UPS for 11 years. Anyone ever heard of being rehired with the same seniority/benefits/retirement etc you left with?
  9. B

    CCO retirement

    Anyone disappointed or even excited that CCO is retiring
  10. W


    Any of you old timers in the southeastern region have access to a retirement table in regards to what the 1989 benefit amounts "would have been"? I need it in writing.
  11. G


    I'm retiring in 2018. March 1 to be exact. I decided to use all my vacation time..6 weeks beginning the week ending January 6 2018. Do i actually have to work another day in the new year to keep all my benefits or receive my pension????
  12. R

    At 36 am I too old?

    To start a career with UPS? I'd want to shoot for a driver position eventually and as I understand there is a long wait list. I've been reading on here that a lot of times people don't make driver until their 30s 40s or even later. So at 36, would I even have a chance? I believe I'm...
  13. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Who is working tommorrow 12/9?

    I feel bad for all of you. This my 3rd peak of retirement......feel bad for those in the Big Brown :censored: Hole.
  14. PhatPattheRiverRat

    Part Time Package Handler...How Freakin Crazy am I

    Alright, so there are tons of posts which I have read and re-read on here. Feel like I have some decent info, but really want feedback from others on my potential plan. So I'm 33, I have been a desk jockey for 5 years. Pay is okay not great, health benefits are expensive, I work 8-4 M-friend...
  15. Brownslave688

    A record weekend

    so online sales were up over 18% on Black Friday and estimates for cyber Monday are for it to be up 16%+. But don't worry guys we won't be that busy. UPS estimates volume to be up about 5% this year..... If only there was a definitive trend we could see.
  16. M

    Career UPSers, let's talk money

    It may seem counter intuitive, and I live in a high tax state, but as a long term investor and retirement planner, I say screw the college students. Abney supports the House tax reform bill: UPS Commends Senate On Release Of Tax Reform Bill That Will Stimulate Economic Growth USPS reports a...
  17. akchick

    Part-time Air Package Driver Questions

    Hello all, and thanks in advance for your assistance! I have applied for a part-time "Air Package Driver" position and received a call to see if I am truly interested. Could you tell me exactly what this position does? And, from what I can gather, part-timers do not receive medical benefits...
  18. Snack

    How much longer until feeder drivers are a thing of the past?

    For a part-timer with hopes of one day driving feeders, this is not comforting news. Teamsters Union Tries to Slow Self-Driving Truck Push
  19. W

    What are you looking forward to when you retire?

    Hi guys, I just want to ask out of interest what you guys look forward to when you retire? My dad is 61 and is going to be retiring after 41 years with the water department, and I would like some ideas as to how I can help him stay busy so he doesn't become lazy. He had a stroke about five years...
  20. M

    Problems with UPS

    I am Newby and having a problem with big brown. I have been with the company for 38 years and in 2012 I had lower back surgery rehabbed and back to work. I had second back surgery July 2016 and during rehab UPS said they were not letting come back this time. The surgery this time did not work...