1. clevelandtrucker

    UPS Feeder Job & "Disability Accommodation"

    I am a Class A CDL holder whom is restricted to the automatic tractor. My question is, is there any accommodation that could be made to someone who is in the predicament of not being able to remove the restriction due to medical reasons? I know a lot of the facilities have a lot of both auto and...
  2. Over70irregs

    Will UPS allow employees to borrow on stock to buy a home?

    Bait and switch? Market in trouble? https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-employees-use-falling-company-stock-for-home-loans-mortgages-2023-2
  3. tintininis


    So this year my attendance has been on a roller coaster but, as of today my record for the past 9 months only has 2 occasions. However My sup took my case to panel the last call in I did and I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve gotten a few he said she said and a 1 day suspension a while...
  4. M

    Preloader/ driver helper pay mess

    I’m a Preloader and my Preload rate is $21/ hour. Now during peak i am Doing some driver helper too. On indeed I see postings fro driver helper paying $17/hour. But they’re paying me $12.25/hour for driver helper. Someone please help because they say that they’re allowed to pay me $12.25 for...
  5. L

    Union to Non-Union Seniority Lost !! Help

    If I worked as a union employee and built up seniority then I got hired as a full time technical non-union position and was forced to be rehired in order to take the job. Is there any way possible to get that seniority back or anyone to talk to about it ?
  6. Philip J. Fry

    Paid incorrectly for over a year

    I didn't receive a raise in August 2021 as a cover driver in the western region. On November 1st, 2021, my pay was dropped by another $1.10 an hr. Payroll's explanation was that I'd been coded as a full-time driver and as such my pay was corrected (which is incorrect). I've talked to every...
  7. GodlikeRage

    Supervisor coding option days without my consent

    I'm having a hard time trying to find something in the Master/local contract that pertains to this specifically but I'm not finding :censored:. I'm in southern region. Full Time supervisor is all of sudden is trying to force me back to the warehouse when I'm not driving. When I refused, he said he'd...
  8. KAP_UPS

    Finding out if I was paid for a grievance

    This sounds good, but how can I tell if I was paid for a grievance that I filed? It's back in December of last year. Yeah I know, you think I would remember receiving a check that I wasn't expecting. But I had driver helped and they kept messing up my checks so I have multiple checks in that...
  9. ProudDaddy41

    Driver of 20 years, how do I get out of the union?

    I am a driver of 20 years, I’ve been in the union the entire time. How do I get out of the Union?
  10. M

    UPS supervisor might be making me do position I don’t feel comfortable with.

    My supervisor at airport says I have to drive a k loader not sure if he’s joking or not. He asked a few of us and we all said not interested including me. The other day he told me I’m driving a k loader if I like it or not basically. It comes with no extra pay but a bunch of more bs. I work as a...
  11. S

    Possible Pending DIscharge/Unfair Suspension?

    Hello fellow boxers, For context I enjoy UPS, the hours, pay, and people for the year and a half I've been there although here I'm stuck in a situation where management is clearing people out using misdemeanor issuing's and it's gotten around to be "my time". As insane as it is I believe I'm...
  12. cheryl

    Washington state regulators say Amazon’s workflow and pace injures warehouse workers

    Washington state regulators say Amazon’s workflow and pace injures warehouse workers - Geek Wire State workplace regulators fined and admonished Amazon for pushing workers at its Dupont fulfillment center so relentlessly that it resulted in workplace injuries. Additionally, the company was...
  13. J

    Timecard adjustment voids payroll grievances

    My Supervisor is claiming that because an adjustment was made to my timecard a grievance would be null but I still haven't been paid for $110 of overtime for 5 preload hours missing from my wallet. he also claims it takes a week for an adjustment to go through, which I don't understand how that...
  14. T

    22.3 fsp job description questions

    First off i’m new to this forum so i’m not sure if i’m going about this the right way. i just had questions i couldn’t find that i needed answered I’m a 22.3 fsp with alittle less than a year seniority. the sups are telling me i’m going to start a nighttime air run i used to do before i became a...
  15. C

    what should I do?

    Hey yall, I started Feeder back in September and since I've started I've had issues with my pay rate. for whatever reason it says my current pay rate is $15.00 hr and payroll has to go in every week to adjust it. I filled a grievance 3 weeks ago about the issue because I was in the system as...
  16. T

    Seniority has the prime consideration or not?

    My union agent has taken over 2 months to do something about my seniority violation grievance and he always gives me the run around “I’m trying to set up a meeting”. I’ve called him like once or twice a week for the past 10 weeks and hasn’t done anything about it. My issue is that someone who...
  17. G

    When should I leave?

    I am looking to leave the job as a delivery driver but not sure if I should leave before I get into the union, or after I am already in. Benefits or detriments to either?
  18. 4


    My FT supervisor threatened to have my badge deactivated because I missed a day of work. My PT is out on “COVID” leave and didn’t send us start times for the 2 weeks he would be gone. So most of the people in my area either don’t show up or are late as hell because of it. (and sups end up...
  19. P

    Paid Sick Days

    How many days can we call out sick in a row? Is it 3 and then we need a doc's note after that? Or can I take Monday and Tuesday off, then Thursday and Friday? I'm just wondering because I called out sick for the first time ever and my supe said I HAD to come in. Which is ridiculous since they...
  20. S

    Help! I need advice!

    Hi! I know this place is probably mostly for males and actual UPS employees, but I need advice. My husband has worked for UPS for over a year now, but he just became a driver around August. Well, he hurt his ankle recently and the supervisors are always making comments about drivers needing to...