$1 raise instead of $0.70

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Rod6, May 9, 2014.

  1. Rod6

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    So I've been with UPS since November/2010 - Seniority date would be January 1st 2011 - and I was making 12 bucks hr through the old contract. I'm a sorter.

    We were supposed to get the $0.70 cents raise once the new contract passed but for me a for everybody that has been with the company for around the same amount of years, we got a dollar raise instead. No complains about it but I was wondering why did that happen?
  2. wilberforce15

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    I started in Apr. 2010, and I'm in the same boat.
  3. AGKLM

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    You both got bumped up to where you should be in the current contracts 4 year pay progression for part time inside employees, such as sorters.
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  4. Rod6

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    But what's the logic/math behind it? Again, I'm not complaining at all. haha I'd just like to understand how the whole progression thing works, ya know?
  5. BrownBrokeDown

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    Aug 1st 2013 you received retroactively the 0.70, on your anniversary date you received 0.30 to put you at the 3 yr rate under the new contract, Aug 1st, 2014 you will receive the 0.70 (possibly the cola also, not sure on it though) and then on your 4 yr anniversary date they will compare what you are making, 13.70 with the top out of the new progression, 13.50, and you will stay at 13.70.
  6. Rod6

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    Thanks for the response! I actually got $0.50 in January and $1.00 whenever they passed the contract last week or so. Making $13.00 hr so that should put me on $13.70 in August which would still match with what you said. Does that sound right?
    Also if you don't mind me asking another question, what's cola?
  7. BrownBrokeDown

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    cola is a cost of living increased based off a bunch of numbers. The amount varies from nothing to something from those numbers. I really haven't looked at it too much yet as we don't get it until we are out of progression.
  8. saknewt06

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    Quick question on part-timer pay. I started Sept 2012 @ $9.50..earned the $1.00, then the additional $.50 after on year in Sept 2013 to $11.00. I am now @ $11.50, sne the contract push...So I am not sure under what progression I am under? Will I receive $.50 on Aug. 1st or $.70. I then hit 2yrs in Seot 2014. Thanks!
  9. Blackstream

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    You'll get 70 cents. You got put on the good progression because you started before august 1st, 2013.