10 Yr. Vacation Question; Please Help

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    Hey everyone, hopefully the brains here can answer this question definitively. Next year I'll be reaching my 10 year anniversary as a part-time employee on May 31st so I'll have 3+1 for my vacations. My question is - do I schedule that new vacation week now or do I have to wait until next year?

    The reason I ask is because my preload manager said I didn't have 156 reports my first year and only let me pick 2+1 next year. I'm assuming he is saying after this year I would have worked only 9 full years plus the 7 months my first year so I won't qualify.

    Can someone that knows for sure clear this up. I asked 4 or 5 guys at work but they couldn't really give a clear answer and it's a hassle to track someone down that does know. One guy even said something about only guys that have worked before '92 or '93 and didn't have 156 reports would qualify for vacation the year of their anniversary since they are grandfathered in.

    I'm in Florida if that matters.

    I searched other threads but there was only one that was kinda related. Thanks for any help. :restless:
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    I am not 100% sure but you might not get it if you did not get your 156 reports one year.the best way to find out is to call your local and speak to your buisness agent,he can tell you for sure.sometimes its hard to get the right info on here beacause language varys from different supplement aggrements in the contract,call your buisness agent he can tell you for sure.
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    10 years seems awfully long for a vacation--are you sure it is not a leave of absence?:wink2:

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    I've never heard of "reports" having to do with vacations at my center or local. It is based SOLELY on your senoirity date when you were hired.

    In the case of vacations, it is based on the day you started at UPS. This seems more of the case the preload manager making his own rules or assesment in that situation. Things like this, you have to ask a steward or someone from the union to get the correct answer. They are paid with your dues to make sure you do not get screwed in any situation.

    Follow up with them. Who knows, maybe management is right and you have to wait. It doesn't hurt to ask.
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    :) Yeah, "ten year vacation" was something I probably put on the suggestion list for '08, we didn't get it in my local though ;)
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    I think the reports he has referred to have to do with hours per week/month, because you do need to satisfy the language in your local agreement to get the vacations due to you. You don't qualify just because of your seniority date. I can't stress enough, work your entire scheduled day, never go home for hours worked/hours paid, since this hurts your payroll time for vacations and retirement, not to mention medical coverage.
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    :knockedout: lol.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I didn't have 156 reports my first year since it was impossible to have that many based on my seniority date. I know I need 750 hours to get a full year credit towards pension (501-749 hours for 9 months) and what not but wasn't sure how vacations were computed. Calling my local and hearing it from them would probably be a good route to go too. If anyone has anything else to add it is still welcomed. :happy2:
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    In our local it is 156 reports. Reports are days worked (regardless of hours), vacation days or paid holidays. Comp/disability, jury duty, lay offs, call ins and option days/week do not count as reports. Here we do get a prorated amount of vacation even if we do not qualify for the full allotment of vaca weeks the next year.
    I only worked full time till the middle of January, then was on TWA till middle of April, then add three more weeks full time and then nothing after that. I was still able to get half of my regular vacation weeks for next year.
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    This adds even more confusion. The 156 reports is then basically a minimum requirement to get your full vacation the following year. Someone in another thread said the 156 reports was to maintain eligibility like you're saying but if that's the case it still doesn't answer how vacation time is accrued or computed. Do I need 156 reports to maintain eligibility AND get an accrued year of credit? lol. Now I'm starting to think the 156 has nothing to do with my 10 year seniority date and only with eligibility. :surprised:
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    we get 4 weeks after 8 years in my area
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    Ok, usually this how it works. You should know what your anniversary date is. It's the day you started working at UPS. That's the day used to calculate your "years", not Jan-Dec. So, after you have passed that date for 10 complete years, then the very next time vacation selection time happens at your building, (here it is Nov-Dec) THEN you will gain an extra week. The process may differ slightly in your area, but probably not by much. Also if you do go full time in the future, prepare to get assigned a new "eligibility date" which will alter things by a giving you a new date while keeping all your years of seniority/eligibility.
    Hope that helps.
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    that about says it all...
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    A friend of mine reached 10 years this year and wasn't able to bid the week until he actually officially had the week. I reach my 10 years next year August 1st so I will be able to bid my new week of vacation after my driver seniority date. I'm sure all that will be open will be October and maybe an early week in November. Its all good tho I like to use time in the fall before peak when its kinda slow and more importantly its during football season.
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    I have a co-worker who also reached her 10 year mark and actually bid her vacations based upon having that extra week, which was confirmed by her on-car, but as she found out she was not entitled to. Unfortunately, she made vacation plans based upon that confirmation but had not yet earned the extra week so not only did she have to pay for her vacation but was not paid for the week that she took off. She did have the option of simply working but would have been out the money for airfare and her timeshare.
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    Sounds like you are in the Southern. Your sup is correct. You must work a min of 156 reports your first year to accrue the 10 years of working to be eligible for your additional vacation. This does not apply to people who have a start date befoe 1990.

    We just had a guy who fell in the same boat as you. He had about 130 reports his first year and was expecting to have the extra week. They even had it that way on the vacation schedule. He did not get paid, so we started looking into it. If you would have started in the begining of May,of that year, you would have qualified.
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    Here in NE, following the 10 year anniversary date, you can pick the vacation week following that date.

    If your 10 year date is Jan 31st, Feb 1st and beyond you can pick an additional week WHEN YOU PICK VACATIONS. We pick in May - so in May, one week would have to be following your 10 year mark.

    That is my understanding anyway.