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    hey guys, i just looked at my paycheck on upsers and found that i have two checks for this week....one is a vacation check, the other is a reg. check....i never asked for a vacation, but did have a paid day off....the check didn't reflect on loosing a week vacation, only 8 hours off the personal section....will it reflect off the next check?...
  2. the time will be removed on the next check if you got paid for it they now pay you two weeks inadvance for you vac check with your manager to see why they paided it out to you :peaceful:
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    We have now started getting our vacation checks two weeks in advance. Last year and in previous years we got it the week before. I don't understand why they do it like this, I would much rather have the checks just stay on schedule. I suppose some people like to have the extra cash on vacation and like to return to work with no check. But, hey I am just glad to get vacations!!
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    There have been vacations where I had yet to receive my check so I welcome this new change. You just have to show a little restraint and save that money for your vacation.
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    I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with the fact that we now have a two year bid instead of one. I believe that this was the union's response in negotiations for the bid concession.
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    The reason we are getting our vacation checks 2 weeks in advance is covered in the new contract. In previous years, we had to have our vacation checks by Friday of the week before our vacation.

    We now have to have them by Monday of the week before our vacation. Instead of issuing checks on a Monday, Buster just gives them to us with our payroll check on Friday, almost a week and a half before our vacation starts.

    This does not explain why mainebrown got a vacation check that he never applied for though.

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    could this be pay off for unused option days? It's close to that time of year.
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    I understand the reason for the change is to insure that the employee has a correct vacation check before they go out of town. With a full week between the actual time off and the check, the employee can let management know that there is a screw up and it can be fixed before the employee actually goes on vacation. In the past, if the vacation check was wrong or even missing, the employee would be out of town and would have to have the correction sent to them in another state if they left town. I understand this to only be a benefit to making sure that each employee that goes on vacation can have an updated and correct check well before they leave town, if applicable.
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    If I had to rely on that weeks pay to take a trip I wouldn't be taking a trip. I too would prefer to keep the checks on schedule. It confuses my bookkeeper(Mrs. BM)
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    The reason for receiving our vacation checks early is to give UPS a longer window of time to correct any discrepancies that may result in penalty pay per the contract. One half your daily guarantee for each pay period the error is not correct. This was agreed to in the new contract. It actually makes perfect sense.

    This obviously doesn't explain why a check was received for an unselected week.