2011 Consolidations?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by upandcomer, Dec 26, 2010.

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    I am assuming since there is no chatter, no one has heard anything about Operation Consolidations for 2011. I think the general consensus is/has been that it will be another couple years before Operation Consolidations pick back up.

    But has anyone heard any rumors floating around about more IS consolidations, F&A consolidations, or any other consolidations at the Corporate level?
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    I agree with the corupt steward for once.... It is very evident that more cuts will happen.. Not like before but on a much smaller scale. Alot of Mid-Level management stuff will be split into combo jobs - meaning two part time employees, and some mid level stuff will be divided between the pay grades above them. As for the union consolidations I would be willing to bet not filling vacant 22.3's would be a nice place to start. As soon as those positions open up it would be wise to sweep them under the door. Nothing the Weaksters can do about it........
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    Why would you rather have 2 part-time employees and pay for 2 health plans than have one full time employee and 1 health plan? just wondering if you could explain.

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    How much longer do you think free healthcare for everyone will continue? A full timer makes what an hour? I can start two new hires for under $10 an hour each. Quality you say?
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    I hope for another 10 years... atleast. I would be more than willing to take a pay freeze than pay for benes.

    I think it is shameful how much the part-timers are paid relative to how much work they do. especially the new hires. $8.50 and no health plan for a year.

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    I am on board with you on that one BUT as the older members of the union got fat, their new members were sentenced to a life of suffering. If you want to blame the start rate and the delay for benefits look no farther than the older members around you....
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    PT employees do extremely well...Their benefits vary in start around the country with some at 200 hrs of work...Dont forget vacations, sick days, retirement etc....and also an oppurtunity to at some point go full time and make between 80 and 105 thousand as a feeder driver....Figure as a PT employee their total compensation is 17 bucks an hour with half going to the Teamsters....a great set-up for all involved
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    P/T non-participation in their union has condemned them to low wages. They outnumber F/Ts 3 to 1, and could RUN the union and get top pay.
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    Back to the OP's topic . . .

    I agree that we'll find that the 3/20 structure is here to stay for a few years to let the dust settle. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these mega-districts actually get split back up due to the shear geography that they cover.

    As for the departmental consolidations, many of the departments that were affected this past year are still reeling from the reorganizations. Again, it's time to let the dust settle for a little while.

    If you keep consolidating to no end, there comes a point where the original cost savings are negated with people in new roles and responsibilities as well as severance packages.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    So your saying because they don't participate, the full timers vote them into poverty? SOME BROTHERHOOD....
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    As you said, the 3 / 20 setup is here to stay. At least for a while. Hopefully we grow so much that we need to expand them.

    They came about because there was an initial proposal for district / region consolidations for 2010. It was another incremental step like the previous ones had been. Scott Davis asked why we kept doing it a little at a time. Why didn't we just determine what the end game should be and make the change all at once. Hence, the name transformation.

    I'm sure there were many proposals, but the 3/20 stuck. Is it right? The best? I don't know. If this doesn't work, I don't know what will. Myron now has lots of power. His staff is not just operations. He has to see the whole picture since he is responsible for P&L. I guess we will see what happens.

    Will corporate consolidate? I don't know... But....

    Take a look. Stoffel retired and no replacement was named. His responsibilities were reassigned. Will that happen with other management committee members? That is a start. Combine at the top and then have the next level look at ways to consolidate.

    Corporate should be smaller. How did they ever fit in that little office park in Greenwich?
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    Nice how attrition works for those at the very top.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    How does it work?
  15. hangin455

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    When your job is eliminated /consolidated as a result of your retirement.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    OK ... not sure how that is "nice" but I understand what you are referring to.

    This is the old "doing more with less" which equates to "suck it up".
    Our group has lost 33% of our staffing and we have increased the number of applications we are responsible for by 29%.
    We have learned to strictly define our area of responsibilities, prioritize our responsibilities and discipline ourselves to not get involved in stuff that is not in our area of responsibility.
    So far, it has worked out okay.
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    Not so nice for those who have to pick up the slack but nice for the individual who didn't get shuffled around like so many others.
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    Does this mean wasted labor hours were eliminated or less is getting done by sticking to the more strictly defined area of responsibility? Who's doing the stuff that is lower priority or not specifically within the defined area of responsibility?
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    rather have teamsters as the brotherhood than management.
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    More will not get done with less, less will get done with less. Hopefully the less getting done will be some of the BS crap we chased in the past. In some cases we have added to the plan. So far it looks like a few sups and admins have been added to shore up some weaknesses.