22.3 Can they change my hours?

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    I have worked for UPS for 20 years and took a 22.3 combo job 1/2 inside 1/2 air driver about 5 years ago. I have worked the same shift for the past 5 years and now I am told that my shift will change to the midnight shift? Can they do this? Also, am I able to bump other 22.3 employees who have less seniority? even if they are inside/inside?

    Any words of wisdom is appreciated!
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    yes,,you should be entitled to bump someone lower in sen. that happens in feeders every other week..i would ask your steward and B.a to confirm,,,,,let me know how it goes... also . I would like to welcome you to the B.C family!! hope you enjoy it and hope you got thick skin!! we bash the hell outah everyone here.......its all good welcome brother!!!!
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    You're screwed. :wink2:

    But seriously folks, talk to your steward or BA about your options. :peaceful:
  4. screwed

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    I was told UPS Mamagement is going to fight me bumping a less senior member who has a inside/inside job. Can they do this?
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    In my area if a 22.3 is laid-off (still not sure if you are), they have 4 options.

    1. Take the lay-off.
    2. Bump 1 part-timer (and get part-time hours).
    3. Bump 2 part-timers (and get 8 hours).
    4. Bump the least senior 22.3 in the building whose job you are qualified to do (and have done within the last 18 months).

    It's different rules everywhere you go. You need to check with your local.

    Good Luck :peaceful:
  6. screwed

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    I am not laid off, they are choosing to change my hours, which really disrupts my home life and do not want different hours
  7. Dizzee

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    Changed your hours how? 1 hour? 2 hours? A completely different shift?
    Are you still doing the same job?
    Did your job bid mention specific start times, job description, personal time between shifts?

    If you signed a bid that specifically said you were (for example) a Preloader/EAM driver with no personal time, and now you are being told to report to the unload on twilight shift then I would consider that a lay-off from your bid job.
  8. screwed

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    They changed my start time by 5 hours. Yes a completely different shift and a different job, no I did not bid on this. They have decicded to do this I NEVER asked for a change in hours. I bid on this shift 5 years ago.

    So are you telling me I'm being laid off? If so, what are my options? I did file a grievance and was told it would take 2 weeks or more for resolution
  9. did someone take your old job or did they do away with it all together ???
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    Well, if you were doing the same (2) jobs for the same (2) shifts for the last 5 years, and now you've been told to report to different shifts, I'd say you are laid off (one or both of your jobs/shifts is eliminated). Your local should make sure this is being done properly, meaning: no part-time employees still doing the same work you did on each of your shifts. If that is the case, your steward/union rep./BA would be the best one to explain what your options are: bumping less senior 22.3, double or split shifting two part time shifts, working one PT shift only, or taking the layoff and applying for unemployment compensation. Until the grievance is resolved, you may have to report to work as directed, unless this change in shift times creates some hardship that might afford you some other form of relief (like being the primary caregiver for a sick child/take FMLA time).
  11. UnsurePost

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    Your supplement may have the answer.

    What is the reason UPS is changing your hours? Did the union agree to it? That will help you get an answer of how to respond to it.

    If it is closing of a shift (day for ex), then you may be able to take a layoff or displace the least senior person, at least in our supplement thats how it works. In 2003 our hub moved 22.3s inside from day-twi to twi-mid. There were many unhappy campers !
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    This is getting ready to happen here also. The problem is that there are more people doing specific jobs than there is work for them to do. Car wash, Air Driving and a sort that bridges the gap between the twilight and preload shifts are affected.

    So far only a few people have been changed and they are basically getting laid off from one half of their job. We are taking the position that when the job content is changed, the company has created a new position and each of them will have to be re-bid. Otherwise senior guys that might want one of these new positions/hours will be left out and the people affected will be forced to do the new job/hours.

    We have a couple of people that lost the air driver portion of their job and were moved to the unload. They are now working an inside/inside (unload/car wash) job for $14.00 an hour since that was their inside rate as an air driver. These need to be re-bid as inside/inside jobs at the top rate of pay.

    So the company's position is that they aren't laying people off, they are just changing the job content/hours of their work...
  13. screwed

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    No my old job was not replaced actually there are several of us doing this job and I'm the only one being affected. I can only assume they are doing away with my job, never did they say those words, just that they are changing my hours the claim the reason is they don't have enough "air driving" time for me in the am, however sups have been see delivering airs.

    At this point the union has not agreed to this and my stewart and BA helped me with my grievance.

    Just curious of opinions of whether or not this will stick. Can't do these new hours long term!
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    whats BA?
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    not sure how the bumping would work but yes they can change your hours. If you go from air driving to an inside shift you will see an hourly rate increase most def.
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    i didn't think they could get rid of a job or change a job shift until they put the jobs up for bid in february. I am under the impression that they can change the start time by 1 hour... but a 5 hour change is dramatic, what were your old hours and what are your new hours now?