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    Iam currently a 22.3 full-time combo employee. I have been a 22.3 employee for the past six years. I just switched to a different combo job preload load/unload with exception scanning. My question is Management has told me that I can only load/unload. My bid job is my combo job I can't move to a another job on preload. For example if I wanted to go sort in the sort isle,damage cage,small sort,first responder,spa packages for the pas system,clerk,loading brown cars for the drivers. Why after 11 years with this company can I only load/unload trucks? Management claims that ''I can't have an easy/easy job''.Why there are plenty of examples of other combo employees working two easy jobs.I have gone to my local union and informed them that 90% of the preload 22.3 employees are not doing there bid combo jobs.Almost all have easssssssssssssssy/easssssssssssy jobs.The local union told me to file a grievance.What part of the contract should I look in? How do I get the employer to recognizes the principles of seniority shall be given prime consideration in everyday operation?Help?
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    How about Article 22 Section 3. :confused:1

    You will not like the outcome of the grievance. You will lose and upset everyone that is not doing their bid jobs. I can understand that you want to be treated the same has everyone else. The problem is that they need treated the same has you. I'm not trying to be harsh on you but on them. Everyone bids a job needs to do the job that they bid. Package and feeders have to, 22.3 jobs are no different.

    The problem is that the most 22.3 jobs go to part-timers that do not realize haw patient the company can be helps them in the long term. We had several 22.3 people that would not do the job that they bid. After a while they decided to bid another job, the company refused to re-bid their old jobs. The cimpany tookk the position that since they never did the bid work that the job was not needed and eliminated. Grievance filed and lost at JAC. :mad:

    Simply, only bid jobs that you are willing to do.
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    We have the same problem here. Our combo job is preload/air driver but you'd think it was preload only because the guy rarely drives after preload. He is usually out the door when preload is down. If he retires or something then it will be eliminated.

    I don't think combo people should complain about their jobs. They should feel fortunate to have them at all. I'm surprised UPS ever agreed to try and make the jobs "easy/hard' at all. I think it is stupid because if they could just combine jobs freely without having to worry about that then maybe they would have created more of them by now. If someone ends up with "hard/hard" they could always bid to different jobs to make it "easy/hard" later.
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    It sounds to me like you're complaining because your job isn't easy enough.
    I'm willing to bet that 90% of the drivers and 100% of part-timers would kill for your job.
    You, sir, are precisely the reason this company won't survive with our union. I'm a union employee as well and don't get me wrong, I whole-heartedly believe in repremanding management for unjust actions. But you're the guy that walks by all the heavy trucks and waits for someone else to do it. This is killing UPS. If it weren't for the union you'd be umemployed but instead you make $28/hr + benefits + pension. Enjoy your free-ride at our (the rest of the people here that put in a fair days work) expense.
    You deserve a prison sentence for robbery.
    Good luck and F off
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    Botton line is that you work the job you bid on, now if you want to switch jobs in the near future you have a better opportunity of doing so than any other full time positions at UPS. Combo positions are the only ones being created now for the most part, just because they pay less. As you have found out most of us will not give you much sympathy till you go out and work a package car job and see how well you have it.

    The only solution to your problem is that your combo job bids have to be more descriptive, so you know exactly what is required of you. Now any extra work should be done by classification and seniority, if that will help you any.
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    I am new to this board, but I do like to read the posts and sometimes get a good laugh. I take exception though with one of the posts on this thread about telling the combo person not to complain unless they have driven package cars. Well.... that would be me I was part time for 10 years, and then drove full time for 4 years, and then took the first combo job at our center. No one else wanted to take the risk, since at that time combo jobs were new on the scene. I went from making top driver pay to making almost $6.00 an hour less. So although I have an easy/easy (what a joke) job at UPS, I also make quite a bit less than my counterparts. I have put in 20 years with this company, and anyone that has worked there and been through the ups and downs of that company (the strike, etc...) knows that there really are no EASY jobs there. So I guess the point is give the guy a break, and quit hating.
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    No slack or sympathy here. If anything I'm jelous. I would love to have ANY combo job. In a way I've already had one. I worked at RPS and UPS at the same time for about 2 years. I have done just about all the combinations you can think of between the two. Shifting/Smalls, Clerk/Unloader, load/unload, etc. Its not that difficult after getting used to it. Yes it sucks taking a paycut from driving but compare it to other jobs out there and see what you come up with. What really ticks us current part-timers off is watching combo guys abuse what they have. If you are hired into combo you should do the job you signed up for. Not just one half of it and go home because in the long run it hurts the rest of us that are still in line waiting on ANY type of full time job. I'm a cover driver now and like it but it would be nice to know there were combo jobs available as well but there really isn't here and the one we have will go away eventually because the guy never does his job. As far as the easy/hard situation goes....I say take whatever you can get and do it correctly and watch for something better to bid on. If everyone would just cooperate then maybe management would finally get the ball rolling on creating the CORRECT amount of combo job nationaly that they agreed to create.
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    Good post! We need all the full time jobs we can get. Yes they will pay less but they can also take a little slack off the rest of us full timers. I hope that I can get into a combo job. I was a part timer for over 7 years and been driving over 9 years and my body is falling apart. I have always been in shape but this job is killing me! Our combo guys do not have any overtime forced on them and that sounds great to my back.
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    Big Arrow Up has brought up a good point about the negotiated amount of new full time jobs that the company agreed to create over the last couple of contracts. Does anybody know if they are applying? For the international it should be easy to find out by the amount of weekly contributions going into the pension and health and welfare plans. I hear alot of bellyaching about no rights for these newer combo inside positions. Let us consider the amount of these jobs that have and will be created, who should be the majority, think about it would it be the feeder drivers or package car drivers. Just from observing how things are run with union business, the most members who whine the most generally get noticed just look at the gravy that most of the feeder drivers have gotten over the years in your local. Votes count with the local and the international, people want to stay in power. Get involved, get vocal, learn the ropes or be left behind:thumbup1:
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    My HUB just had around 50 combo jobs created in the past few months. All have been filled for the most part, maybe a few openings are left. Almost all the senority part-time employees took the jobs. I unfortunately have not been offered a combo job, and I don't expect to be offered one anytime soon. I could either wait for a combo job to open up, or I go FT driving right now if I knew how to drive a manual transmission. Combo jobs are not low paying jobs. Yes, they pay a couple dollars less and work less hours than FT drivers. But the top rate for combo is $21.62, and next year it will be $22.62. FT drivers deserve the pay they get, their jobs are much harder than a combo worker.
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    I am curious, does the contract require that the jobs be filled? In my location there are maybe 2-3 people who would apply for a combo job. If the company creates more jobs and no one takes them, can the company say they've fulfilled their side of the bargain?
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    its simple. if not all 22.3 workers are doing thier bid jobs, as happens in my hub, then it should go by seniority. for example say you and another person are in the hub doing your bid job, lets say sorting, and the hub needs clerk help, then the senior qualified person should be able to say that they wont that work before any one junior to them is allowed to do it.
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    Agreed with the quit bitching. In fact, just saturday, I told one of the only two 22.3 full timers that drive on saturdays to kiss my ass. He started bitching up a storm that I didn't park the package car in the line up.

    I said "The guard didn't have the line up. This is where I found the car, in the yard, not on the line up."
    he says "well yeah, find them guys. I don't want to be here all day."

    I said "man, shut the hell up and do your god damned job. You're getting paid 25 dollars an hour, and then whatever OT you can milk to do what I do for 12.50. If you don't like it, find the on road."

    He started yelling, I just walked away from him. What a :censored2:. Most of the 22.3's in my center have EASY/EASY jobs as well and screw off SO much and any chance they get to walk all over part timers, they do it. In fact, the ONLY full time clerk we have has to be one of the biggest pieces of crap there is and is the stereotypical union worker that the outside world LOVES to blame the rest of us for being. Its ****ing embarassing that guy is my "brother."
  14. combo layoffs!

    ive been working for ups for 11 years and been combo air driver for 6 years and have a wife and two kids whom i support and recently got layed off about a year ago and my family is been struggling since then!along with other ups combo thats been there longer and layed off why the layoffs? and we turned to the union and no help and ups no help!! whats happening with this company? it sucks for us!
  15. Dont feel bad i am in a 22.3 job also, have 6 years on road experience and when i went full time i took a 7.00 plus cut in pay on road and told that i had to start all over again in my rate of pay. I think that is a lousy way to treat an employee! Not alot of people will squawk about the way we get treated in this particular job! Well keep your head up and fight for what you deserve! You pay the union and you have your rights!!!!
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    has anyone filed on the pay cut from part time top rate air to the $13.50 then $14.50 after quallified for the full time combo 22 3 job? I know there is a conflict with articles 40 & 41 in contract. How long of a gap do you have between you other job and your air?
  17. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    I have been told "officially" that there is nothing to file on. Because article 40 and 41 are covering completely different operations, and air operations language clearly states that the language overrides anything else, there are two seperate progressions for each.

    Even as a 22.3 inside inside completed a 2 year progression, I'd have to complete almost a year progression for air if I bid combo inside/outside because I only did half of an air progression.

    Already tried fighting this, it's just some of the poor language in the contract that should have been shot down.

    Here's a good question: Why don't inside-outside employees have to start a new progression when they go inside-inside? ;D
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    So, you bid on a job, now don't like the job, and grieved it? Do you understand that the grievance process is for people who are doing the job that they agreed to do, but are being wronged? You're doing the job you agreed to do, but you have not been wronged. There are days when I hate my job, but it's what I agreed to do, so I do it without complaint. If it was so bad that I felt I needed recourse, I'd be a man and move on, because it's my problem, not the company's.
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    this thread was started in 2006!! why can't you folks see that?
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    Does it matter? Someone asked a question.