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  1. I am a 22.3 laid off worker. I chose to take 2 part-time jobs. If UPS decides to dissolve the job, can i be permanently laid off from UPS? and end up with no job?
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    They just eliminated your job??

    This happened in my center and it went to state hearing you might not get your job that you had before. However they have to give you 8 hours of work not split up between two shifts. They can get rid of it permanently but they can't get rid of the full time employee.

    File on the fact that you are entitled to 8 hours of continuous work as a full time employee. But in my centers case they gave hime what he wanted but it was a 12:30AM to 9:00AM shift
  3. They took my second half of my combo which was air. I am currently still in the hub. I was told they could eliminate the job totally. I wasn't sure if this was true of false.

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    My understanding is the job has to be replaced with another combo job. I may be wrong, but the company is contractually obligated to maintain the fulltime jobs created under the prior contracts. Now whether thats how the union actually enforces the language is a whole other story.
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    That is exactly what happened in my center yes they can eliminate it totaly, but they still have to give you 8 hours of continuous work!!!!!

    Exact same situation .
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    Why would they eliminate it if they just have to create a new one?
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    He said they eliminated the air portion of his combo job. There is not enough work to send him out on road and still hit there NUMBERS so they keep him inside.
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    I am telling you the only thing that is required is 8 hours of continuous work. This is all he is entitled to. I would not comment if I had not seen it first hand.

    You will more than likely do car wash from 12AM till 4AM then preload
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    I don't think you would be permanently laid off. What about those with less seniority than you? I think you could displace the least seniority part-timer. I could be wrong.
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    Not sure of your individual supplemental tie-ins, but ;

    -you can only have 1/2 of your 8 hours changed per day.
    -one hour shift in start time per week (up or down)
    -the number of 22.3 jobs must be maintained at each center each bid time.
    -The job itself can be changed (start time, days of week, job duties etc) at bid time, but the job must be replaced somewhere.
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    correct. It should be mandatory every Teamster keeps an eye on the jobs being maintained if possible.