22.3 vs. Air driver


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During the slow months after peak, there was a problem with management using a 22.3 to deliver/shuttle when atleast 3 drivers were laid off. A laid off driver filed and won against him. Said 22.3 regularly delivers Air/shuttles after his 8 promised hours still. As a Saturday air driver, am I supposed to get that work over him? Management occasionally asks me to drive for random things. But this guy isn't even a driver anymore.


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Driving work goes to drivers first. As an air driver you're the lowest tier driver but you still have seniority over full time insiders. That's how it goes in my building.


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BA doesn't work for UPS. He's a steward. Am I right?

To my knowledge ground work must go to utility drivers by company seniority. My thought is that he must be a utility driver since their letting him do it.

If he was going out with a supervisor then I'd be inclined to think he's not a utility driver and you would have a case.

You can still talk to a union rep about it. Call up the union hall which you can Google and speak to one of them about it.