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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownMonk, Aug 23, 2019.

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    What does any of that have to do with this point? Completely different subject. If UPS wanted 18/24 months from the date of implementation, they should have agreed to that instead of ratification. They knew what the language said when it was ratified. The only issue is that the language was not enforceable until the contract was implemented. Once it was implemented, the terms of the contract are what they are.
  2. We work for the devil. And the union is a bunch of whores
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    I never said the company would honor the language, or that the Union would enforce it. Just don't want anyone thinking it's right.
  4. It is correct. Unfortunately
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    Ok, you win.
  6. Unfortunately
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    I will definitely be filing a grievance over this issue come next October. Hell, maybe April, since the 24 month terms applies to those "hired into T-S schedule" ... whereas I worked M-F my first several months after qualifying and later was switched to T-S.

    Did you get your retro pay?
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  8. I got retro pay
  9. zubenelgenubi

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    Honestly, the obstinance in the face of irrefutable facts in this matter have me dumbfounded. I can't think of any way to make it clearer, or easier to understand. It is really just as simple as looking up the definition of a single word.
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    Guess you should give back the money then, since the contract wasn't implemented until April 2019. Who cares when it was ratified, right?
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    I've seen several job advertisements for what I assume is the 22.4 position. Wed-Sun or T-Sat shifts. 8 hrs or more with occasional work inside the building. I admit if it's true, it doesn't sound all that bad. People get hung up about the manual transmission thing. All new fleets are automatic. Relax.
  12. Oh brother...
  13. 3838373

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    Ill be filing April 1 2020
  14. Whither

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    So the ratification date matters? :wink-very:
  15. Back pay was retirement active. The rest of the contract wasn't.
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    Spread the word to all your fellow T-S RPCDs: April 1 for those bumped into T-S and October 1 for those hired into T-S. I'll be doing likewise, but I already know there are a couple drivers in my center who won't file because they prefer T-S.
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    24 stops a day is pretty nice!
  18. And live in the middle of nowhere?
  19. Sudz

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    Away from people? Yes.
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  20. It's hard to get laid that way...