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  1. jedster

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    I work in a facility about 120 miles away from Omaha Nebraska. I was asked the other day by my manager if I would like to be a shuttle driver. I asked him why we are going to have a new position and why it is a shuttle driver. He said we are shuttling 2day air packages now and Omaha would cover it until we have a package car and driver to take over. My question is do you guys think this is a permanent position or is it going to be short lived? I really enjoy preload, but the extra money would be nice. On the other hand I really don't want to take this position and lose my vacation i've earned in preload and then they end up eliminating the shuttle driving position and i'm back to square one.
    Let me know what you think
  2. wrecker

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    Jobs are created and eliminated all the time.

    Why do you think switching jobs would interfere with your vacation time?

    If it's an easier job for equal or greater pay, I would go for it.
  3. jedster

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    Well, i don't lose the vacation pay, i just lose the ability to actually take the vacation time. That's what everyone is telling me.
  4. Dizzee

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    That is what happens when you go from part-time to a full-time position. Will the shuttle be a full-time position?
  5. wrecker

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    I didn't consider that..

    In my local, when you get a full time position, they cut a check for your unused part time vacations. You have to wait till the following year to get vacations again.

    Small price to pay for a full time position. They might allow you to take the same time off (unpaid) anyway.
  6. jedster

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    The management doesn't know all the info yet, but it sounds like I would shuttle from 3 or 3:30-8 or 8:30 m-f and then deliver saturday air. They might even have me deliver early am's. I believe it would be considered full time. I'm not sure however if I would be in the same payscale as the full time route drivers.
  7. wrecker

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    Pay rate is in the contract, under air operations.

    Where I am, air drivers make less than reg drivers, with good reason. It's a much easier job.

    Still, full time is full time. If you qualify on a ft job, they shouldn't be able to bump you back to a pt preloader job.
  8. wrecker

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    Just found my contract.. It's article 40. All the pay rates for pt/ ft air drivers are there.

    If it's still a p/t job, I don't see how they can take your vacation.
  9. jedster

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    This is the dilema though. I am only available for hours before 10 am because I run a business also so if they eliminate the shuttle position then i have to start over again in preload and I don't know if they will let me load the area i'm loading now or if I will get stuck somewhere else. I also do not know if they will let me keep my seniority over the other preloaders or not if that does happen. Just wish I knew how concrete this position is. They tried it a few years ago at my facility and it failed so maybe I should just talk to the driver that got screwed over that time. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  10. wrecker

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    Seniority is all we have. I don't see how they can take that from you.

    Good luck
  11. rod

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    If it is a new route of any kind don't they have to put it up for bid within a certain time? If it is any kind of a gravy job at all I don't see a low senority person keeping it
  12. brownrodster

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    Sounds like a part time air shuttle position. The hours are typical for part time. And full timers are not allowed to deliver on saturday unless there are no part timers available that day or something.
  13. barnyard

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    If it is a PT job, you can do that job. If they eliminate it, you would go back to your old job. If someone sqwawks, you grieve it.

    If it is a FT job, it will be bid and if you win the bid, you have 30 days to qualify. If during that 30 days you find you don't like it, go back to the preload and your old job.

    Sounds like a sweet gig, I would imagine if it is bid, the high seniority PT will take it (I would.)

  14. jedster

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    Thanks again for all the input everyone.
    I'm pretty sure we have no part timers at our 16 package van, 1 feeder, facility except pre-loaders. We have full time vacation drivers that pre-load if there are no drivers on vaca, but i think they are still considered full time drivers. I'll check tomorrow though. As far as seniority goes , I am the highest seniority pre-loader that wants to drive so I think i'm the one that gets first dibs. Again, i'll check on this though.

    I think this sounds too good to be true myself. That's why i'm a little hesitant on taking it, but hopefully everything works out good. I really enjoy working at my facility. The people are awesome and the management is great (we did just receive 2 new managers however so I'm not sure about them yet). I've read some horror stories about evil managers so I feel very lucky so far.