3/hr minimum. I need more hours!

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    I've been working at UPS "Ontario ca" for 4 years. 1 & 1/2 yrs loading in the hub, where I worked on average an 8 hr shift, the last 2 & 1/2 out on the ramp (UPS aircraft). I used to get like 6 hrs a day when I first transfered to the ramp. Now there working us our 3/hr mininum, then cutting us. I'm educated, a hard worker, I've always kept a great attitude, I'm the saftey rep for my crew, I Saturday air drive. and I've alsways spoke well about UPS even among all the sour grapes. I'm waiting to go full-time driving, but I can't seem to get a square answer on what the wait looks like before they call me. Does anyone know, or have any suggestions of, where I can get more hours until then?

    I love working out on the ramp with all my friends, the people, the aircraft. I don't know If I could stand another transfer unless the money was right. I've already asked my superviser and my manager on the ramp who've told me they can't help, being as they're over on hours, hence the cutback. I've been told I can't doubleshift in the hub becuase I'm not a "Combo". Same response from HR. I know there having a problem with thier overhead on hours out on the ramp, but heres my question. Is it better to have 6 part-timers working two 3 hr shifts? Whom you have to pay benefits, tain etc... As opposed to 3 part-timers working one 6 hour shift? (I aksed a full-timer this question and he laughed and said I should be in management.) Which in reality doesn't work either becuase If I became a part-time superviser I'll unlikely be able to go driving as soon. Which is more money. Please help... If you work at Ont; and are in a position to help me (such as full-timer) or have suggestions please respond or email me here on brown cafe. P.S. If I were to write a letter to a regional or division manager posing this question and describing my plight what kind of response do you think I would get, or any at all?

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    Not based Ontario or any other UPS air facility. I'm in a ground hub and I hear ya about the 3 hour thing. They work us 3.5 or 3.75 and cut us. Getting reaallll annoying, not to mention pinching the pocket when I need it. Good luck with driving! -Rocky
  3. transfer over to Main St.
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    You can double shift. You don't have to be a combo worker. I worked in a hub before and I double shifted many times. Sometimes every day for weeks at a time. I would stay over in my department for the next shift and let the sup know I was available if they needed me and if not I'd go to another department. After a while my chances of double shifting were always good because many sups around the hub knew I was willing to work over if they needed me. Just be a pest. Let everyone know you want to work. The combo jobs have nothing to do with you. Most of the jobs you'd be working in aren't part of 22.3 jobs. All hubs/centers are supposed to put up a list for everyone to sign that wants to be available for when a shift other than their own is understaffed. Find out where it is and sign it. It is just rediculous that many of the hubs are trying to get away from double shifting while at the same time they have attendance problems.
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    Thank you Big arrow up, I will. I love the fish quote by the way.
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    First of all, let's get something straight, UPS has no obligation to "give" you anymore hours than it needs to or that you are entitled to. Are you guaranteed 3 hours or 3 1/2 hours?? If you are guaranteed 3 hours then UPS can work you 3 hours a day for 30 years as long as you remain part-time. I am truly, deeply sorry for sounding so cruel, but that was said to me about 10 years ago by my own Business Agent....

    Forget the letter, GO DRIVING... just be patient, your time will come...
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    Listen to him, he's right. there is money to be made, you just need to know where to make it...
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    Too true...I've doubled two nights in a row because of shortstaffing. Sup walked by my trailer tonight, grinned and charged his fist into the air. I must be doing something right :thumbup1: . Talk to as many full-timers as you can. They'll put you to work eventually. By the way...if you work in a hub with ground service, there're always outbound docks in need of help with jam breaking/missort moving. -Rocky
  9. where I work we get 4.5-5 hrs everyday. Past 2 days 11 hrs total. They keep trying to cut us, but to be honest they really can't. I think they're realizing that now somewhat. If they want us to wrap on time they have to leave the start times alone or hire more people (designated helpers or "floaters") to help when it gets heavy. Either way they pay somehow.

    I am curious if we have a list, I'll have to check that out, sometimes I would be willing to double shift now and then and would like them to know that.

    If I wasn't going back to college I'd go driving, they're going through the 6-1 list like theres no tomorrow, and with my seniority I'd be on the road in no time (provided I passed the test haha) :thumbup1: