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    I am due to start the 30 day driver training next week. I know there are other threads on this subject but the questions I have I could not ascertain the answers from them. I would appreciate any (helpful) responses, especially from preloaders who signed the regtemp bid list and have been through the 30 day training already.

    1. I am currently a preloader. Whilst training will I continue to be paid the same hourly rate or is there a "training rate" like I was paid during the classroom training?
    2. Are the 30 days likely to run consecutively or will they be spread out?
    3. Am I likely to be back on preload once the 30 days is up?

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    1. Training rate.
    2. Every effort will be made to keep you on road for 30 consecutive days.
    3. Yes.
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    1) Training Pay Rate (You will clock in with the DIAD)

    2) The 30 days are one day after the other excluding weekends.

    3) Yes, if there aren't any routes for YOU. You must BID on a route based on your pre load seniority. Once your 30 days is up if you do not win a FT driving bid you will be a cover driver for a year and still be working the pre load and keep bidding for a FT permanent route. Varies from center to center.
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    You couldn't find those answers?

    You may struggle.
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