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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rookie, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. rookie

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    hey have a ? . drove my 30th day today and i thought i was supposed to make numbers. and i also thought a sup was suppose to ride along one last time to make sure im safe or whatever. no one has said a word to me so if i work day 31 im automatically in right or am i misunderstood??? ne info would be great
  2. tbird2000

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    Got my 30 in LAST Friday, just signed my permanent papers and union form last night.
  3. The Brown Santa

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    Depends how many free periods they have you work I guess. After my first 30 days were up, they told me I would have to drive until January 1st 2007, then they would make a decision to hire me full time or give me the boot. Hard to get a straight answer out of anyone.
  4. Covemastah

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    talk to your shop stewart b 4 you hop on that car this may be considerd their free period you will be told what to do by him/her and they will talk to mngmnt for you, with out the stewart they will sell you anything to put your ass in that seat plz take this advice good luck and congrads on 30 days in 17 yrs ive seen guy quit in 30 min. lol let me know how it goes woodsy
  5. brown67

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    Once you have driven 30 days you have seniority. Free period doesn't start until Nov. 1st so you are in. Talk with your shop steward if you have any questions.

    I wouldn't say anything. If they want to get rid of you they have to do it before the 30 days. Just don't sign anything saying you resign. Had 2 seasonal that work past the free period gain seniorty, but the company tricked them into resigning. Both sign documents saying they want to resign. That was it. If they call you in for any reasons make sure to take a steward.
  6. The Brown Santa

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    I did my first free period over the summer, when that was up I thought great, I made my 30 days. But they said, you have to do another free period starting in September. I was also told that because there are no scheduled pickups on my route, it would be hard to make seniority...:confused:1
  7. rngri4

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    It's different everywhere, your free period is different than other districts, and if you where hired as a Casual Temp Driver, that is what you are, you gained thirty days in the title, not a Permanent Full Time driver, there is a big difference, after peak season, they will either fire you, or give you a p/t job, their choice.
  8. hoser

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    Keep your mouth shut and keep driving. AND STOP ASKING QUESTIONS :)
  9. oldpaddy

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    I went out for my 30 days this past spring. After 30 days I asked my sup if I had made it, he replied that it's 30 working days.
    All summer they told me that I hadn't made it. After a month or two I did get the 1$ raise and a check for my pre-load vaca/sick/per days. My steward told me to ask them in September when my seniority date was.
    I asked them a few weeks ago and my sup showed me the list. I looked at the first two pages, then grabbed the last page, and there I was :)
    Of course I was recently told by some sup that I still hadn't made it.
    Uh, huh. Whatever...
    After 30 working days as long as you hit your numbers and you didn't start in a free period you'll be all set.
    Oh, and I never had the ride along. For some reason some guys get ridden with, and some don't.
  10. MR_Vengeance

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    thats because they want you to work as hard as if you haven't made your 30 days.:laugh:
  11. MR_Vengeance

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    My center manager never rode with me because the fact i was doing very very good at meeting the numbers. anyway always check to make sure that they didn't extent your 30 days.
  12. DS

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    you are in...now you can start whining