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    On the face of it, 4 years to top rate sounded terrible, but after crunching some numbers and I'm thinking it's not as horrible as it first seemed. The higher starting pay and raises somewhat offset the extra year. Not all of it, or even most of it, but it softens the blow a bit. If I were to start driving in August, top rate where I am would be $34.69/$35.09 (split) during my final year of progression when I'd be making $25. That's a lot to offset.

    There is the remote possibility that the longer progression could be a good thing, IF (big if) it encourages the company to hire more drivers. I certainly wouldn't complain about an extra year of progression if it means I'll be driving a year sooner. I'm just not sure it will have that big an effect though. Just have to wait and see I guess.
  2. brownmonster

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    It's still a pretty good pay and benefit package for those 4 years. Better then most jobs.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It will be extended to 5 years in 2018 with a defined two-tiered wage system.
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    It's about a 30k pay cut over the old 3 year progression.
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    Bid on a part time air job and wait two years, then go full time. That way you start at over $25/26 per hour, and keep that rate for 4 years.
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    ​Give it a rest already.
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    If a TCD has his qualification(when he or she goes FT) then they would stay at their 27.?? rate here in the South.
  8. brownmonster

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    ​Good plan. What is a part time air job?
  9. opie

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    Air driver work shall consist of delivery and pickup of air packages which, because of time and customer commitments, cannot be reasonably performed by regular package drivers. Such work may include: (1) Delivery of air packages which the regular delivery drivers cannot deliver within guaranteed time commitments. (2) Delivery of air packages arriving at the facility after regular drivers have been dispatched. (3) Delivery and pick up of air packages on weekends and holidays. (4) On Call Air pickups. (5) Pick up at air counters and drop boxes. (6) Additional late air pickups. (7) Air drivers may, on an exception basis, be used to make service on packages which are not air packages.
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    so if my air wage is higher than what it would be a f/t driver I would keep the air wage??
  11. Coldworld

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    do we get to hear this for the next 5 years??? Let it go man, give it a damn rest!
  12. opie

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    It has to be your primary job. So yes if you drive daily, you would be red-circled. When going PT to FT, your rate cannot go down.
  13. Up_and_at_UPS

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    I thought this only applied to FT air drivers. Even if I drive air every day, my primary job is preload. I have been driving air for 4 years, and I do not see this happening in my center as a seasonal coverage driver.
  14. opie

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    Just check your paycheck where it says "current pay rate". If it's higher than whatever the starting full time rate is, then you start at the higher rate.
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    But hey, at least you got yours, right?
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    The only thing that will make them put more routes out are different 9.5 rules. The volume is there, the drivers just have more stops. A lot of guys hired around 06 till now are going to have the longest wait in company history.
  17. cb1969

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    How would it encourage the company to hire more drivers? Plus what higher starting pay? The biggest jump in pay is also the longest wait. Plus it will be 10 years next contract.
  18. Mr Shifter

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    Na its to be 20 years. The writing is on the wall.