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    So if the 22.4 goes into effect and rcpd are no longer “guaranteed” work as tentative agreement says no rcpd can be laid off “as long as there is work available “ . Will Rcpd vacation. Checks still be paid at 45 hours And will optional days remain at 9 hours?
  2. Nobody knows to these questions
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    Had to try ‍️
  4. Go to your locals union meeting and find out.
    NovoNo knows any of the answers right now.
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    So is this NovoNo guy running the explanation meetings? Or were you just trying to rhyme with lovelyleo?
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  6. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    Should be in your supplement. In NE we get 1/52 week average for vacation. So if you average 50 hours a week, your vacation check reflect 50 hours.
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    Nowhere have I've seen that vacation language has changed.