4th of July and a Little Humor Too!

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    Well tomorrow is a very important day for us whether we realize it or not. Had a group of men not banded together and in concerted effort to confront a overbearing King with a list of grievances, our little world today might just be vastly different. Those 56 men forever changed our lives with their "fortunes and sacred honor"but was that the real beginning?

    Obviously no but another event took place a little over a year earlier on May 20th 1775' that should have sounded a warning to England that something was afoot in the colonies. Down South in what is now the Charlotte NC area, it is alledged the citizenery came up with what is know as the Mecklenburg Resolves. There is debate to the timeline of these resolves but they were finally published in 1819' in the Raleigh Register and here they are as quoted from that 1819' publication.

    Now for a moment, imagine in our day and time if someone sat down with others and with pen and paper wrote the same words, published those words for public consumption and even had the gonads to present this document to our current sitting gov't?

    Now also consider this point. What would you think of someone today who would have the notion to even think this much less do it in the same manner as these folks did? I would hope this drives home the point of what our ancestors faced who took this stand because what the majority of people today would think of someone who would say, write and do this (idiot, insane, wacko, lunatic, etc. etc.) that is my guess what the majority of the people in their day thought as well. Had we lost the revolution to England what would history now say of these people? It is something to give thought too IMO.

    4th of July has special meaning at our house not only because of the day but it's also my son's birthday as well. However, we still take pause to really think about the day and what people sacrificed to give us what we have even with all it's many faults and shortcomings.

    Benjamin Franklin was asked by a lady while leaving the Constitutional convention with the question, "sir, what have you given us?" His reply IMO is very telling and also very important especially today. His words were, "Madame, we've given you a republic if you can keep it!" I wonder what ole Ben would think of what we have today but more important what would he think of his children and what we have done with the inheritance given to us? Being completely honest, I'd be too ashamed to face him. How would you feel?

    In closing a little humor and I wish I could take credit for this but it goes to Larry the Cable Guy.

    "We're having professional fireworks at our house tomorrow and ole Stumpy and One-Eye are damn good with em'!"


    Happy 4th of July everyone!

    BTW: We fly the Gadsden Flag at our house on the 4th