50 year old female promoted to full time on road pkg Sup.?

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  1. I thought this was pretty amazing. Shocking really. To clarify: I like this person and used to work with her when I was a pkg driver. We were talking the other day and I was shocked to find out she was promoted! She is white. As a 32 year employee(myself) who is way more qualified than this person(way, way more) who never understood how or why people were promoted( and yes, I might be a complete a-hole or not liked or have no personality.......)(but having known many, many Sups. at UPS who are the biggest a-holes I've EVER met).......and talking with other fellow employees with the same experiences..........why?
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    Trust me she was demoted.
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    I confused. Were you offered the opportunity?
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  5. Me? kidding right? I've never made it past the casual conversation part. I've never been offered anything except to be fired.
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    LOL!!! I have had them chase me for years with the opportunity. I almost bit, once too.

  7. Well, I don't agree. I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS thought being in mgt. was the way to go.....sooner the better. Much, much more opportunity. My reasoning was that UPS sucks and you might as well ride a desk. And more money(potentially).

  8. And you! I've heard this all of my career also........"they keep asking me"........

    In the end, I have to accept that I didn't have whatever it takes........and what might have been. But, All those years of experience and qualifications will help when the time comes to leave.
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    I think the 'token' factor might weigh in here. You are a white hetero male, right?

  10. Yep.
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    Well, sorry to say, but that's probably a big part of the problem. Yet, another reason I find UPS' decision to stop funding the Boy Scouts as a fat joke/big show.

  12. I've always let my skills , education, experience, perfect injury status and such speak for me on merit. And yet.......never even a sniff. And while I'm not the most personable.......I always thought that wouldn't be considered.....considering how big of a-holes were doing the promoting. It's interesting when I go around and volunteer or look for a new job, alot of the people look at my resume and say WOW! But as any UPSer knows........it's a strange place to work.
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    At any other company, it wouldn't even be a thought. But, here.......... it is strange.
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    Every year I get a letter that I assume all hourly employees get. Its the one where the company says they like to promote from within the ranks and asks that anybody that wants to go into management turn in a Letter of Intent. I had thought about it myself before, but after the changes the company has gone through since going public, I don't think that its really worth it. I am close to the end, I figured that I might as well stay where I am and finish my career out. I don't blame anybody for going into management, I find package driving very boring from an intellectual standpoint. Its hard honest work, but some people need more of a challenge.
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    Thats one way to push her out
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    The reality is that you'll be bent over that desk and the next one up the food chain will be bent over you.
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    I get those, too. But, they would come to the center and literally chase me around the building asking. I think going FT/union was a big hint.
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    I was asked by my center manager years ago. I told him that I might be crazy, but I'm not insane!!!
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    When nearly everyone who has been with UPS for some time refuse to go into management, I don't know how anyone can call it a promotion.
    UPS doesn't reward its' best or most capable employees by actually promoting them like other companies. They simply accept employees from a very small pool of candidates who are willing to take a different path within the company. This promotes mediocrity and failure.
    UPS needs to change their corporate culture in ways that make it attractive to get their best people into management positions. Capable employees with good ideas will help UPS prosper. UPS can’t be successful for the future if this does not occur.
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    the higher ups there may be smarter than they look.