6 to 1 ratio, please explain how this works??

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  1. I would like some input on the 6 to 1 ratio and how this benefits the company? I had the last bid and they hired a sup from another center to bid that spot.
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    6 inside hires then one outside hire.
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    The question was how it benefitted the company.

    The answer is UpstateNYUPSer.
  4. Thank you, but why would they take the bid away from me? I have worked there for 10+ years and a supervisor from another center is driving in place of me, how does it benefit the company when they have to train a supervisor?
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    It is not a benefit to the company but a benefit to the PT employees.
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    The "and" in the middle of the sentence implies two questions. Class dismissed.
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    It doesn't benefit the company either way it benefits the PTimers that want a driver position

    The ratio in the past wasn't as high thus taking longer for a PT to get a FT driver position the 6 to 1 ratio means they promote 6 insiders ( Ptimers) then they hire 1 from the outside (a sup or usually a casual) then it goes back to 6 insiders.

    If they put a bid sheet up it wasn't a outside hire position. IF they put a bid sheet up and then gave the spot to a outside hire (pt sup, or casual ) you need to file a grievance.

    If your complaining that you would have been the highest PT signing the bid sheet if they put it up for the position the SUP got your SOL.
  8. The question is why would they give my FT bid to a sup that has no driving experience and take it away from a 12 year PT timer.
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    ​This^^. Was a bid even posted?
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    So the situation is this.
    It is during the free hire period when this happened?

    ​I guess it probably depends on which local but once Nov 1 gets here, P/T bids go on hold.
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    I don't really understand your question. Did they hire 6 inside union employees before they hired the sup? If they didnt, you need to file a grievance tomorrow Monday morning, you don't have much time! This is serious! If they did hire 6 inside employees (union) and then hire the sup, you have no case. This is UPS, they dont have any sympathy for anyone.
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    How long have you been at ups , you should know by now how ups works
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    6-1 certainly doesn't benefit UPS from a business perspective.

    It's the union who fought for such a thing.

    If it was completely up to UPS without union agreements, they would seek out the best qualified people. Those with driving/delivery experience.

    I think UPS had to fight for that 1 outside hire per 7. They are paid a lower pay progression. A total benefit to UPS.
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    Outside hire ratio used to be much lower. 3 or 4 inside for each outside hire. So it has gone in the opposite direction by the union getting UPS to offer more full time jobs to part timers than in past. And using the outside bid for a supervisor is something they used to do a lot more often because sups used to be required to have some on road experience to get promoted to full time. So send a sup on the road for 60 days and they think they know everything about driving. Still gives them an idea what its like but hardly long enough to really learn the job. Then the sup will go back into management leaving the center short another driver position than could have been filled by someone who planned to remain a driver.
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    This is not true.
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    That's the first thing you have said that makes any sense since you been on BC.
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    The company will use their 1:6 slot on a PT supervisor they want to train to become an on-road supervisor, to promote a casual/cover driver that they think will burn it up (less common), or to "reward" one of their long-tenure PT supervisors who has little to no chance of attaining a FT management position (even less common, but I've seen it happen with 22.3 combo jobs).
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    The 6 to 1 ratio benefits the company by using it as a carrot to keep PTers from leaving for better jobs.
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    UPS did have to fight to keep that "1". The Union wanted all driver positions to be filled from P/T ranks.

    When I went into F/T driving in 1978, the ratio was 2 ​inside P/T to 1 outside/management.