705 strike poll!

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Waht do you want to happen if 705 strikes?

  1. I want the International to order a company-wide strike.

    29 vote(s)
  2. I want my local to strike.

    9 vote(s)
  3. I want to work and not be involved in this.

    19 vote(s)
  4. If the Union orders a strike, I will work anyway.

    10 vote(s)
  5. I want to work, but will not cross any picket lines.

    33 vote(s)
  6. I will work AND cross any picket lines.

    6 vote(s)
  7. Good luck 705, hope it doesn't affect me.

    21 vote(s)
  8. Other

    5 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    OK, say 705 strikes. What do YOU want to happen next?

    I'll try to set up some good answers, but someone always says, "You shoulda had THIS opton"!
  2. Diegotron

    Diegotron Hater

    Does this mean you're leaving?! :wink2:
  3. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen


    You may want to kill this poll & start one that has multiple, opposing choices. No meaningful information will be received by this poll. Not like the one where RR posted to stay or leave, and the smug kid who never had a job got owned.
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  4. Diegotron

    Diegotron Hater

    Lol that poll shows 200 percent.
  5. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Put down the bone. It says 20%.
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Read the results - add up the %s. You made a multiple choice poll with similar non-opposing answers. It adds up to over 200%
  7. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    In that case, pass me the bone.
  8. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    I would like to thank those of you for your surrort. In 97 we did not think twice to honor the national strike we were out there that sunday night monday morning showing support.

    We have 10 people that would work through a strike and or cross a picket line? Thats very sad to see especially coming from the people of this board. We know that we have 1 scab as a member and not all of us agree on everything all of the time. But i thought we all look out for each other at any costs.

    This poll might have carry some weight with atlanta if they could see some support and at this point unless atlanta steps in its a very real chance of a strike on 8-1.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I'm not even sure I understand why they have their own contract or why they want to strike. I guess I just haven't put enough time into reading up on the issue. The NMA isn't perfect (I voted no) but I didn't think it was worth striking over. In any case a strike, whether it's just in Chicago or not, could not happen at a worse time at UPS.
  10. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    No offense BBAG, but you haven't been employed long enough with UPS to have a legitimate voice in this argument. You haven't been with the Union long enough to have an real history, you haven't been with UPS long enough yet to even experience what a management change will do, you haven't had the full UPS experience that you will get with months and months of different circumstances at UPS that will affect your career and form your opinions.

    I like you and your attitude, and applaud you for coming to UPS late in the game with lots of previous self-employed experience, and I have no doubt that you will make an excellent driver, but I just don't think some of your comments about the labor action in Chicago are valid without more UPS months behind you. JMHO
  11. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Hmm. Uggg.

    I completely accept that, because it is coming from a poster I respect. If it were not, I would have a million attempt-to-be-witty comments to make, but I accept your take.

    Yes, my UPS experience is nill. My business experience is not, however. As summarized as I can make where I'm coming from;

    (Insert any company, any union into the following)

    In a good economic climate, a strike hurts nobody but the customer, which is bad for business overall. In an economic climate that we are currently in, a strike is bad for everyone - the customer, the company, the employees, and the union. It is not the company, not the union, that feeds my kids & buys me $5/gal gasoline - it is the customer.

    Labor fights are, for lack of a better term, stupid. Don't like what you are paid? Then quit & see who else pays you the same amount for the same work. When there is a 5 year waiting list for your job, you have it good. I don't give a damn what company you work for.

    As a Union you want to strike because you can't come to terms between "Shall" and "Will"???? :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: you then, you don't represent me. If my kids were arguing over such nonsense, I'd send them to their room.

    If neither side can put the top 5 items into a list that need fixing, all fitting on one page, and understandable by any common guy like myself, then we are arguing just for the sake of arguing.

    I am not anti union. I am not anti-company. I am pro-viding for my family, no matter what it takes.

    No offense taken.
  12. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    If your going to take the time to chime in then either go to our website and look for yourself or read all of the posts. Im not going to keep repeating the issues over and over i have spelled them out in full detail already.

    Just look at your name, that is something that new ptimers will have to wait for, would you have come here for $8.50 and no "but benefits are great"? Because others will not receive them.
  13. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

  14. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

  15. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Wall Street ??
  16. brownandout

    brownandout Guest

    i have been reading all of these posts for the last few days and i cant believe it...... you all bitch and complain about how UPS treata you but wen push comes to shove you back down.....everyone questions why 705 isnt under NMA.........YOU GUYS NEVER KNEW until these last few days..........we have been through union leaders that were in the companys pockets for years.........we have been fighting tooth and nail to get Seve P.in for years and we finally did it.......last time i checked 705 has made sure HOFFA had'nt won our local in the last few elections.....you guys want him out......vote him out......you let us know that you are the majority (98 %) but us (2 %) that is 705 did our part!!!!!!!!!!!!! do your job.......as for getting the info listen to RED.......WE GOT A BIG SLAP IN THE FACE AND WE WONT BACK DOWN.......705 never does.......hey RED i also hear they want a 7 day work week....is that true????????and if we do go on strike, even though we are only 2 % ,we are still you re brothers doing the same thing you would have done if you were offered this garbage offer they gave us.......GOD BLESS EVERYONE
  17. palatinefred

    palatinefred New Member

    I can't speak for everyone but all the FT drivers I've talked to are complaining most about how the part timers keep getting screwed and future package car drivers will get screwed. $8.50 is a joke in the chicago area. The fedex ground pt package handlers have a starting pay of $10/hr. You only have to work at ups what, 1 1/2 years to make what they make starting. IL minimum wage is $7.75 now btw.
  18. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    That is the point of competition. Every company has a different wage. Why are people working at ups if they can work at fdx for $1.50 more? When the minimum wage goes over $8.50 so will the pt starting wage.
  19. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    This not a time for separation. we all better stick together and back them. This what the company wants to see. Im not sure what brown cafe member says divided we beg, think about it.
  20. oosk

    oosk New Member