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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by PTer4Ever, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Back in March I went from being part time straight to a full time package car driver. I decided that the job just wasn't for me, so I DQ'd myself. I was told by a steward afterwards that I was unable to bid on any FT jobs for 3 years. Article 25 seems to confirm this.

    Last night a coworker told me that I should be able to bid on other FT jobs, just not ones that involve driving positions. I couldn't find anything in our contract that confirms or denies this, so I figured that I would ask here for help from people more familiar with the 710 supplement. I have gotten a lot of misinformation from union reps in our center before.
  2. hondo

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    Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you.
    As far as going full time in any other job classification, I recommend you talk to your (710) Business Agent. He/she would know best about what you're dq'ed from and still eligible for under the 710 contract. Also, the BA might have some insight into what ft jobs might be opening up.
    P.S. good luck with your contract negotiations.
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    I was told here in NE it's one year to rebid a driver position.
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    No, it's bi-annual now.
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    Why are you worried you Dqed your self .
  6. rocket man

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    Since you did that now your Quailifed to be a center manager a even a higer postion congrats to you smart move)
  7. PTer4Ever

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    Oh I don't know...maybe because there are other FT positions that may work out better for me? Being a service provider wasn't for me. I manned up and DQ'd myself instead of playing games and getting them to DQ me. Because I was honest I get the shaft for 3 years instead of 1. That's pretty typical with this company.

    I could play games, but I'm just not that way. I'm honest and do my job as good as I can. That generally doesn't get you anywhere with UPS. So be it.
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    PTer4ever, Just curious where are u out of? What has your managemnet team told u concerning this?
  9. PTer4Ever

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    I sent you a PM.
  10. MonavieLeaker

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    Maybe if youd read the damn contract youd know how it works :whiteflag:
  11. PTer4Ever

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    One of us can read, and also spell. I'll give you a hint. It isn't you.

    If you had bothered to read the entire thread, you would have seen that I indeed did read the contract; article 25 in particular. I asked because a co-worker gave me information contradicting what I had read and was wondering if I overlooked something.
  12. MonavieLeaker

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    I can spell but can you see? Obviously not
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    This isn't a spelling contest so who cares...Down south if you were D-qed,it was one year in the old contract.But that was for going back to driving. I would bid on anything that comes up that's not driving and hope you get it.They can only so no and varify the rules..