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    New teeth in contract for drivers to get 2 days a month 8 hour dispatch.... If company denies your request Company has to pay a 2 hour penalty (straight time) (free money) and if company approves your request and does not comply and get you off they will owe you a 2 hour penalty also (more free money) ... the beauty is that requests are not limited 2 if the requests are denied or violated....meaning in theory a driver could possibly make 30 request a month if the driver knows the company has no intentions of making a 8 hour day possible resulting in a total of 60 hours of FREE MONEY......Cha-Ching.....
    Of course if you do this it will cause your management team a whole lot of stress , and I know we all LOVE our center manager's and DM's too much to cause them to lose a minute of sleep :greedy: BC (not Being Catty)
  2. dilligaf

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    I have had several 8 hr requests in since the beginning of the yr and every one has been honored. Guess they don't want to pay that 2 hr penalty. LOL
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    An assistant union steward locally was fired for refusing to go back out and finish his run on a 8 hour approved day under the new language. UPS refused to give him his job back and it is now going before the panel. The new language does not get you off early if you need to leave, it just pays a penalty. Beware!
  4. BCFan

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    You are 100% correct!!!! I just like the fact that my center manager gets pissy when he has to pay the $$$$'s To me its MO MONEY FO NUTTIN!!! BC
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    OK, but YOUR 8-hour day and UPS's 8-hour day may be two different things, right? If UPS says you are supposed to do 140 stops in a day, and you never have been able to,but have been able to do 120 what would constitute an 8-hour day?
  6. tourists24

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    it is based on what you work,, not what your dispatch says should take 8 hours
  7. You'll find that it will be based on what that route normally runs on any given day averaged out.

    Find out the normal SPORH and forget the OVR/UND or UPS dispatch number. Use the SPORH figuring your pick up stops and figure out how many del you need to be at.

    If the route honestly runs that SPORH most the time the Union can easily back you on it.

    Regardless there are no more 8hr days, there is no penalty to UPS till you exceed 8.5 hrs.....

    One of my major problems with this contract. 2 days a month is not too much to ask for a true 8hr day.
  8. rod

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    I think I could count the number of 8 hour days on one hand that I worked in my 30. Always had at least 9. Asking for a light day was an open invitation to having them load you up because they knew you wanted off early. The only sure way to get off early was to have friends that would take stops off you although I did get a warning letter once for "dispatching myself" that way.:peaceful:
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    Sadly the contract offers false teeth. The company can work you 8 ½ hours (they will). There’s also language that takes the company off the hook for “circumstances beyond their control”. Remember, the company is never ever wrong!
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    Rod, I used to do the same thing & never got a warning letter. On one of those perfect days UPS luck may rear its ugly head, vehicle breakdown, nasty accidents that snarled traffic on your area, early school dismisal traffic, etc.. Some much for getting done early. Way back then there was no 8 hour request language.
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    I have went round and round with my center team over this one. I have had more than one supervisor tell me that the criteria for dispatching an 8 hour request is your average stops demonstrated per hour times 8 hours. My steward however has told me this is not the case, as it is supposed to be a dispatch that you can complete with your lunch and be in and off with no OT.

    Every one that I don't have honored, I grieve and win. So, I must be right.

    I really think it is ridiculous that you are only allowed two of these per month, and only one person per delivery loop, and you still have to pull teeth to make it happen.
  12. BCFan

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    You really have the right to keep filing the requests during the month UNTIL you are actually granted your 2 days..... In this month alone I have recieved 10 hours penalty pay because my stubborn center manager perfers to cut his nose off to spite his face.... Its like FREE MONEY $$$$$ (my fav kind of money)... Keep on with the requests and lets help UPS continue the 2 hour give away program.... and BTW its not 8 hours by the company standards that go into computing the allowable time but rather the ACTUAL time drivers work on that given day (the numbers are not valid as we all know) BC (not Broken Cheetos)
  13. brownrodster

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    That is both funny and ridiculous at the same time. So many times I've taken stops randomly from drivers either in the morning or during the day and no one in management has ever commented on it!
  14. brownrodster

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    Mathematically that makes perfect sense. How else are they going to dispatch an 8 hour day for you ? I understand though that it would probably be more realistic if they used that formula then subtracted maybe half an hour worth of stops.
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    Isnt is just easier to call in sick if u really need off early????
  16. RUiNed In Trace

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    Then maybe you can tell me something I don't know to clear this up. An 8 hour request is a day with no overtime yes? Meaning I am to be in and off in no more than 8 hours, with my allowed lunch time. If my route on a normal day can have my guaranteed dispatch of 8 hours with pick ups and 120 stops, (8 hours X 15 stops per hour), then how am I supposed to be able to do this and be off with no overtime on an eight hour request?

    Yes, yes it is. Which is what I will probably do in the future because going through the proper channels does not work.
  17. currahee

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    Last time i worked til i was at 7 1/2 hours and called them. I have 16 left am i leaving them somewhere or am i bringing them back? I was told to leave them at a stop for someone else.
  18. 1989

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    I took 25 stops off a driver last week and got read the riot act. (I was done at 16:15 and started at 8:45 that day. I had 1.5 hrs to kill) Has something todo with preload numbers. Those 25 stops were dispatched to me.
  19. brownrodster

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    Well since pickups count as stops in SPORH then pickup stops should be part of the formula. Obviously someone in dispatch fails to realize this.