8 straight days of punch in. July 6th to the 13th.

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    Read above
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    What position are you? How many total hours have you worked? What regional contract are you under? Did you work the week before also?

    This is the information needed to answer your question. Not the knowledge that they gave you a pat on the back for being a good boy.
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    That's a lot less than 11 1/2x.
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    YES SIR , YES SIR , ILL WORK ......why am I so tired!
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    Well! Isn't that Special!

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    I hope they recognize you to come get 40 stops from me
  8. Worked the week before. Only a 12 hour reset from the end of the week to the beginning. Doesn't matter what the contract says it's DOT that regulates the hrs on the rd. Full time with No bidder route just cover who ever doesn't drive
  9. Ice cream and 75 cents for the vending machine
  10. No, but I'll recognize you when you give me forty and I give you 60
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    Your question was about time and a half pay. I was trying to answer that. You're the one that can't give enough accurate details so don't blame me.
  12. I thought the 70 hrs was just during a certain period of the year
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    You thought wrong.
  14. I
    Had 2 questions in there. Its 1 1/2 over 40 hrs regardless but was worried about the reset, if DOT could go at me for not following that guildline
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    Yes but depending on your supplmental language. Your 7th day would be double time. That's why I asked the questions.
  16. Na, south east region cannot work over 60 hrs with out a 34 HR reset on a 7 day period. Why are you going at me like a fat kid eating cake. Relax sunshine
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    Doesn’t it matter what his technical work week is defined as? M-F or say Tu-Sa.

    For most, wouldn’t the 6th and 7th count towards the prior week?

    My building is weird. Your non scheduled days, even if they are at the beginning of the week or pay period are defined as your 6th or 7th day, even when they occur first.
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    Oh? Is that in your contract? Can you give me the page?
  19. Supplement states one week on a Wednesday
    Single father. So yeah it's yes sir I'll work and yeah im tired.
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    Yes many things can determine his pay. That's why I asked him those questions. Instead he decided to be a ass for trying to answer his question and help him.