Central Region...Forced 6th punch 8 hour guarantee?

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  1. 35years

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    If they force a 6th punch can you demand 8 hours even if it puts you way past 60 hours?

    So, if you have say, 56 hours in at Friday punch-out can they force you to come in on Saturday to finish your 60 driving? Then if you demand 8 hours for being called in on Saturday, do they have to find work for you inside for 4 more hours?

    Also I have seen it posted that we can not drive more than 11 hours? Several days we were on road 13+ hours (left bldg time to return to bldg time) with 20 minutes paid break and 40 minute unpaid lunch taken. Were we in violation of DOT rules?

    Central Region package.
  2. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    You are mis-informed. You can work 14 hours. As a package car driver you are not always technically "driving". As for the 8 hour thing. Yes. If they force you in. They have to pay you your 8. Regardless of how long you work, or how long you are legally able to work. Let them know this before they force you in.
  3. Brown287

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    There is a 14hr daily rule in place. Now that's 14 TOTAL HOURS including any and all personal time. So if you really wanted to stick it to them you could take two fifteen minute breaks then your hour lunch then your second lunch of thirty minutes after your tenth hour. A total of two hours of personal time. So you then have 12 hours to work but that's punch in time to punch out time. The sixty hour rule is driving hours. So if you have no time left you then can be a lumper. So yes if forced you can demand 8hrs paid.
  4. Jones

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    You can't drive after 13 hours of on duty time, we always say 14 hours at UPS because you're supposed to take a 1 hour lunch in there somewhere which doesn't count towards the 13 hours. But if you work through that lunch like a lot of drivers do then technically you would be in violation if you were driving after 13 hours.
  5. brownmonster

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    We have 1/2 hour lunch.
  6. Brown287

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    I'm NorCal region and we have an hour lunch two fifteens and either a 2nd lunch of 30 minutes or a 3rd break of 10 minutes. Your choice.
  7. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    Wrong. It's 14 hours. Period. Lunches and breaks included. 14 hours on duty. Dosent matter how long of lunches and breaks you take.
  8. Jones

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    Scratch the above, I'm wrong about that 13 hours.
  9. 35years

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    Then there is no validity to this post on the "63 Hour" thread?...

    "Here we go again.

    Yes, you cannot drive more than 11 hours, but you can work more than 14 hours. You just cannot drive after working 14 hours including meals and breaks.

    So you can return to UPS property right at 14 hours and still fuel, unload airs, park package car, do your check-in, etc. and end up working more than 14 hours.

    You then need 10 hours off before you can drive again.

    Read more: http://www.browncafe.com/community/...p-to-63hrs-a-week.367505/page-2#ixzz3tbct9m8O"

    My problem is not with the hard and fast 14 hour rule but the 11 hours driving rule, I have never seen that one in package before.
  10. Brown287

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    This is wrong, as a matter of fact you're technically supposed to be off property all together at 14 hours. This is to protect the employee from abuse.
  11. livin the dream

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    the 11 hour rule isn't for package car. it's straight 11 hours driving which is meant for feeder guys
  12. 35years

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  13. Brown287

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    Management was giving a PCM about this and of course they were way off base, so we explained the true rules to the guys. Management confirmed what we were saying with corporate and the union. Now thankfully the correct information is public. Bottom line is that it's our responsibility to know the law. If we violate its our rear in the fire.
  14. johnny_hotdog

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    I think The 11 hour rule is meant for feeders. It means being behind the wheel 11 hours straight without ever stopping. For instance if you are delivering packages you are typically not behind the wheel for a extended period of time. You are getting in and out of the truck. Each stop would essentially reset the 11 hours. So if you are a package car driver I would think you do not have to worry about the 11 hour rule though with ORION I guess you never know for sure.
  15. Dr.Brown

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    12 hours, punch to punch
  16. johnny_hotdog

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    It's 14 hours punch in to punch out. If you start at 8am you must be punched out by 10 pm!! All the break crap in the middle really doesnt matter. I mean it may matter to your boss but just make sure you are punched out 14 hours after tou punch in.
  17. Northbaypkg

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    Yeah like the folks above said, you are guaranteed 8 hours if they ask you to punch in for a 6th day. Here at Northbay we had the same situation, they asked every driver who missed a day this week to show up as well as others who had a good amount of hours left to drive. I didn't have any hours left but showed up to be a helper for another driver. Got about 67 hours for the week, can't wait to see what my check looks like. The one last week working the day after Thanksgiving was the biggest I ever got.
  18. Mugarolla

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    The 11 hour rule applies to package car drivers also. But this 11 hours is actual driving time. No package car driver is actually driving near 11 hours per day, so they don't even keep track of it.

    No you are not, at least referring to Hours of Service. This may be your local policy, but does not apply elsewhere.

    You can work longer than 14, just cannot drive after working 14.

    It is for package car drivers also and it is not straight 11 hours. It is the total number of hours driven. You can only drive 11 total hours without taking 10 hours off.

    Package drivers do not worry about it because there are no package drivers that come close to driving a total of 11 hours.

    It is not 11 straight hours of driving, it is the total hours of driving throughout the day.

    If you are a package driver, each stop does not reset the 11 hours.

    Package drivers do not worry about it because there are no package drivers that come close to driving a total of 11 hours. Like you said, drive, get out and deliver, drive, get out and pickup. I would guess that the average package car driver drives less that 5 hours per day even if he worked 14.

    All the crap in the middle counts, but it is not punch in to punch out.

    You cannot drive after working 14 hours. You can return to the building and do will calls for 2 more hours and work 16 hours. Just make sure you have 10 hours off before you punch back in.
  19. FrigidFTSup

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    We have been told if we work anybody over 14 (as in say drive and then have them on as a helper) they are not allowed to drive until they have a new 34 hour reset period. That came from the DM.
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  20. oldngray

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    They could work without the 34 hour reset but couldn't drive.