85 Year Old Justice Ginsburg Falls!


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Almost time to narrow the field for another Justice. Calling all middle aged conservative white guys.

i'm kind hoping for a good catholic woman. cant wait to see the libs turn her into a street walker :)

which party was the last one to put a person of color on the bench and how did that go ?

I always find it funny when libs talk about the repubs having old white guys in positions of power when they have so many senior citizens in congress leading them who are … gasp... old......and.....white .


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There’s a great documentary floating around about her, I don’t care what you’re party is she’s one tough MFr


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I fell (tripped on a tree root) in Ralphs parking lot...….broke 3 ribs and never knew I had. They were later showing up healed on a scan I got for something else. Hurt like hell, but got better day by day. Obviously, they weren't poking anything vital. I was 20 years younger than her then. I hope she retires!!