87 call tags.


Don’t worry he’s friendly
Could be a scam.
Had 100+ fake kids jewelry to a house one time. ~80 were 1030 nda. They refused every single one of them :). Was a long stop on diad 5

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I’d park up the road and sneak up and drop them bad boys on the steps and be gone with the wind . … on my last stop of the day lol
His plan was to drop them off in the morning and have the customer place them on the boxes and pick them up on the way back. Not sure what the outcome was.

I have feeling it was only one return and the customer hit the button 87 times
Pictures , or fake
Not fake, they handed him the call tags with binders. Looked like a book


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I’ve had like 30 before . Don’t remember what or where but it was all goin to the same spot so I slapped them on quick . I had a house on my last bid route that was have 10 of them and all going to separate places so I’d have to match the tracking . It was ridiculous


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I once had 70-80 nda stops one time (back when they actually put the nda in order by pal label). All resi route.

Amex or one of the credit card companies was sending out some junk. Fortunately they let me run them in trace.


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Not call tags but I have an Amazon flipper on my route who sends out a ton 50 lb boxes once a week on the 2nd floor of an apt complex. It takes 2-3 drivers 30 minutes or one guy more than an hour. Ridiculous.


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Our center recently (like this week) had dozens of small boxes shipped out to various customers that only included a pamphlet with instructions on how to return a phone. Customers who answered the door when our drivers tried to deliver them claimed that they never requested boxes to return their phones in. Our drivers then started to RTS them all because it all looked fishy, like someone was spending $5-10 to ship tiny phone sized boxes out en masse in an attempt to scam people out of their phones.