A Dreamliner Lesson for FedEx

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    Boeing has built outstanding aircraft for many years, and their aircraft are widely known as the best in the business. The 787 debacle, however, threatens a reputation Boeing took almost 100 years to earn. The 787's problems go far beyond the battery issue, and multiple systemic faults are now in the process of being revealed. Expect this plane to be grounded for a long time.

    The problem is outsourcing, and taking the cheapest path (subcontracting) rather than doing it the way Boeing has always done it before....in-house, with professional top-notch (largely unionized) workers. Boeing has always outsourced engines and landing gear, but that's been about it. Now, all that money Boeing "saved" by having sub-par companies and workers assemble major components is coming back to bite them...hard. Besides the damage to it's reputation, Boeing will lose orders for Dreamliners, pay compensation to airlines with grounded fleets, and pay penalties for failing to oversee the production process with sufficient diligence.

    Now, FedEx doesn't make airplanes, but they, too, once had the reputation of being the best in the business. Instead of pursuing quality, FedEx focuses only on cost, and is outsourcing it's product line and it's reputation in the process. FedEx doesn't want quality workers, they want cheap workers, and like Boeing, they are depending on outside technology and labor to "produce" their product.

    This is what happens when you cut corners, and there's a lesson to be learned here. Fred is building his own "Dreamliner" with every passing day.

    Watch, and see how "it" flies.
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    FedEX has :censored2: off enough employees to guarantee many a crash landings.