A few questions from a new ups employee.

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    First of all I was wondering how I can become "union". What are the steps? Who do I talk to? And is there a certain amount of time I need to be employed to become union? I am an unloader so will I even have a contract? Only been working a week an a half today. And what should I expect along the way as far as paperwork and training. The only thing I have done is the online app. obviously and a video on hazardous materials. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Talk to a steward about becoming part of the union....and its 30 or 90 days to become union....might be different in different parts of the country...contracts are available at the union hall.....
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    Thank you, I appreciate you taking time to answer my question?
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    I assume you're in a right to work state which sucks in and of itself. If your not in a right to work state, then employment with UPS entails that you join the union. If you're in a right to work state, call your local teamster union and get information from them or find out who the shop steward is in your building and talk to him. Ask you supervisor if he knows who the steward is, I'm sure they've butted heads before.
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    While your working until you officially have enough days in to join practice these helpful skills at home.

    Learn to move around and look busy without actually doing anything.

    When mgmt speaks to you move your head up and down in the "yes" movement while your actually playing music in your head and letting nothing register that is said. For extra brownie points throw out a "thats a good idea" now and then. Do not confuse this skill with any attempts to become mgmt. That involves a completely different set of head bobbing movements.

    For your health learn the three basic union food groups. Pizza,donuts and liquor.

    Every sentence should start "I have more seniority". It doesn`t matter the subject.

    These are only a few of the skills you`ll learn,young Jedi, but it should get you through the first couple of weeks. Happy to help.
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    That is funny cach. LOL. I love it.
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    I have modified a few of Cachsux's tips to use in my 25 year marriage. They work well, except for the "I have more seniority", which didn't go well over with my wife.
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    Most excellent.
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    Well I'm an unloader so it will be hard to "look like i'm busy" becuase I will be busy but thanks for the jedi training master! I'm sure it will come in handy down the road.
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    It could be worse scratch, just remind her that you are junior to her! That should go over great! Please video the response for us.
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    In my facility, if you apply for the Ramp/Hub those are union jobs for sure.

    But if you start in the AOT positions, you're not union and cannot do those double shifts like pre-load after doing air cargo. Was told when you are in the ballmat, if you push a can for someone..you'll get in trouble for doing a union member's job.