A plea to drivers and others:

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by johnny_b, Jan 13, 2003.

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    PLEASE check weights. Most are very good, and give a good idea of how much effort I need to use, but SOME packages are overweights and not marked as such. I don't blame the unloaders, it is dark in there and many weights are hard to find if on the box at all. All weights need to be easily found and any box that exceeds 60 pounds ought to have a sticker on it that says it is heavy. A small box that weighs 40 ought to have a sticker on it. I just want to know the weight. I have 3 seconds to sort a box according to the standards for sorters. That does not give me the time to check every box.

    I had a box going to the overgoods in MO come to me on the sort aisle today. MO is on the belt that is near the top of my head. That box easily weighed 80 pounds and almost broke my back. What was written on the box? 50#. The worst part of that is the fact that I know that box was packed by a Teamster.

    There is a section in the contract that says that all overweights must have stickers. If they aren't available in your area you must file a greivance for my sake. Please.
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    IN our building there is a policy that states that any package over 70 will not be placed on a belt, unless it is the final one going to the package car or trailer it is to be loaded on. They are also not to be loaded to where they are higher than waist high.

    Get with your safety committee chairs and see if they can help.

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    In an inside operation your always going to have this problem. Many times because one of your partners does not make sure the package has the over 70 stickers on it before progressing the package. Stop the package and get the stickers for it.
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    It is really hard to stop boxes and do anything special with them when they are coming at you 1200+ pph. Please drivers, do everything you can to help me. If you think the weight could be wrong make the shipper weigh it in front of you. Put the stickers on it. Do everything you can. It is hell on me.